Monday, December 7, 2015

Base training week 5

Every time I tried to sit down and write this post, I found someone had taken my spot.

"Just looking at cat .gifs, don't mind me"
Finally got Fat Butt up there to move so I could write! This week started out kind of sucking, but got better from there.

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: morning 1200m swim, FTP test Easy 45 minute trainer
Wednesday: 8k 6k easy, TRX strength workout
Thursday: morning 1600m swim, 60 minute trainer
Friday: 8k easy
Saturday: 20k run, 2k swim
Sunday: 2 hour trainer, 6k brick run

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday I was down for the count with a cold. Damn germy children. So that led to revised workouts. It is what it is - at least the cold was pretty mild, so I could still do workouts, just not the ones I'd planned.

Drank approximately 11,000 cups of tea this week, thanks to that cold. And the fantastic David's Tea advent calendar. This one was particularly good (Glimmer & Gold).

The rest of the week, once I was feeling better, went great! The TRX thing may be turning into a habit, my swimming was solid, and the 20k run on Saturday with Sam and Ivanka was really fun. My run mileage is back up where I want it before I start adding speedwork back in - this upcoming week will be a bit of a recovery for running, and then I'll start my official Around the Bay training after that.

Random stuff on campus I walk past every day. Took a moment this week to actually look. Still not sure what that last thing is.

Good times!
Cut all my hair off. Feels weird.
The trainer ride on Sunday went well, although I skipped the last set of form drills because my legs were not having it. And the run after wasn't great because like a big dummy I didn't really fuel during the trainer ride. Hi, I'm new at this apparently. Funny how you keep having to learn some of these lessons over and over and over again.

Date ride Sunday! We need better selfie lighting in the basement. They didn't consider that important when they built this house in the 80s.

Hair cut advantage - no need for a bun! At least for a week or two until it grows back enough to get sweat all over my neck. #gross #classy

Overall, can't complain too much, other than about the fact Trainerroad still hasn't put out those new triathlon base training plans yet.

Next week's plan. Moving everything around thanks to an Iron Canucks event, a work potluck that takes away one of my lunch hour run times, and the Egg Nog Jog on Sunday. I will not be racing the ENJ or attempting any sort of particular goal time. This is a fun race, not a race-race for me.

Monday: 60 minute trainer, TRX
Tuesday: morning swim, evening run with the tri club (Xmas light fun!)
Wednesday: 75 minute trainer (brick run after if possible)
Thursday: morning swim, easy run, TRX
Friday: rest
Saturday: 2:15 trainer, swim
Sunday: Egg Nog Jog

Oh, and just because I mentioned it before. I'm back to the weight where I'm comfortable and my clothes fit, so a  little rejigging of my portion sizes was the solution there. Conveniently training is starting to ramp up just as we enter the 'eat all the food' portion of the year. Lots of Christmas baking to do! That's the real reason I train 10 hours a week. Because food is so damn good.

Sometimes a doughnut is the only solution to your problems.


  1. Donuts always make everything better. Your hair looks great, and so do you. Glad that you've got back down to where you're comfortable. Great week, Emma!

  2. Donuts always make everything better. Your hair looks great, and so do you. Glad that you've got back down to where you're comfortable. Great week, Emma!

  3. Love the hair and donuts always do the trick!!

  4. This still seems like pretty aggressive training for "off season" and holiday season.
    Hope to see you at the Egg Nog Jog!!