Monday, November 30, 2015

Base training week 4

Another solid week of base training:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 1400m swim, evening 60 minute trainer
Wednesday: 10k lunch run; TRX for triathletes (!)
Thursday: morning 60 minute trainer
Friday: 7k run,2k swim
Saturday: 60 minute trainer, 30 minute brick run
Sunday: 15.5k run, 1.5k swim

What's that? Some strength training snuck its way in there? Well I never. Yes, I dusted off the knock-off TRX and ran through a TRX for triathletes workout Wednesday night. My legs were not happy about it on Thursday morning, that's for sure. But it was a pretty solid full body workout, so I'll chuck it onto the schedule for Wednesday nights and see what happens.
Not actually a TRX, but it cost about 1/3 the price of the 'real' ones and is pretty much the exact same thing.
The workout is:

Lower body:
Single leg hip hinge
Single leg squat
Sprinter starts with hop

Upper body:
Swimmer's pull (duh)
High back extension

Atomic pushups (HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG these are so stupidly hard and I can barely even do one before I need a break)
Assorted planks 'o pain

Kinda what my local pool looks like for Saturday lunch hour swim.
Swimming is getting interesting. There's the obvious 'when will Emma snap and punch someone at public lane swim' issue (place your bets!), but when I can manage to swim unobstructed, there's some good things going on.
Like this whole series of sub 2:00 100s. Last spring I could barely crack 2 minutes once or twice, much less repeat it 5 times. Some of the breaks in between were a little long, but it's nice to see I'm capable of this!
I am feeling good about my swimming, that's for sure. I'm not planning to do a swim focused training block or anything like that, since when the hell do I have the time for that sort of thing, but I think I can make some progress if I can continue to get to the pool 3 days a week. The only real drawback is that swimming makes me want to eat everything in the kitchen.

Not admitting how many slices of this gingerbread cake I ate over the weekend.
The husband and I got in a couple of trainer rides together (awwwwwww) although it's not exactly the most exciting date, what with the being too tired to talk thing. Can't wait to introduce him to his first FTP test this week. muahahahahahahahahaha.

TrainerRoad: successfully guilt tripping me into doing the form drills.

And I had company on my long run this week! Zindine came to Burlington for a run, since he's base building and happy to run slow right now, and it was great to have company for commiseration about all the stupid laundry that is the inevitable result of all this multisport stuff. Plus he brought candy. #winning Fitness friends are the best.

This totally makes up for my children failing to obtain enough peanut butter cups on Halloween, the slackers.

Hoping to rejoin the girls on their long run next weekend, if the timing works out!

So it was a good week. On to the next one, where things start to get super fun again...

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: morning swim, FTP test (aaaaaaaaah)
Wednesday: 8k easy, TRX strength workout
Thursday: morning swim, evening trainer
Friday: 8k easy
Saturday/Sunday: A long trainer ride + 30 minute brick run; long run (18k ish?), at least one swim. Exact details to be decided.

This plan is super tentative right now because I'm starting a new TrainerRoad plan this week and reaaaaaaally hoping the new tri specific plans will be out by Thursday so I can check those out and decide what plan to follow through the rest of base building!


And I'm hoping to run with the girls on Saturday, but I'm not sure it'll work yet. So this could easily all switch around. We'll see!

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  1. I looked up a youtube video of Atomic Pushups. OMG that looks hard!!!