Monday, December 21, 2015

Base training week 7 - aka The One Where My Ankle Wasn't Better After All

That didn't go as planned!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2k swim; FTP test FAIL
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 2k swim, 5.5k run
Friday: 9k run, 3k swim
Saturday: 18k run
Sunday: 1 hour trainer, 8k run, 2k swim

Hilarious that a 9 hour week is vaguely disappointing. Things are a lot different than they were this time last year, that's for sure!
Sooooo my ankle felt fine on Monday, but then I tweaked it somehow Tuesday morning. I thought it was OK but 20 minutes into my attempt at an FTP test on the bike it was clear it was NOT fine.


So back to the day by day thing. It is what it is. Swimming was fine (obviously, I went a little nuts and swam my most yardage in a week ever), and running was, weirdly, fine. It's just cycling that aggravates it. So it's touch and go there, and so I'm pretty much just putting in question marks for bike stuff for this week. My ankle feels fine today, but it felt fine last Monday too and see where that got me! (could I use the word 'fine' more? FINE. IT'S FINE. EVERYTHING IS FINE.)

It sure doesn't look like anything is wrong with it. It being my ankle. There's all kinds of stuff wrong with my fashion choices.

In the bigger picture this isn't a big deal, of course. I'll run and swim and hopefully be able to do easy biking this week (as it was threshold type efforts that sent things south last week). And we'll see where that takes me. My bike fitness in general feels like crap lately, so I'm not exactly super pumped about doing another FTP test anyway. Sort of don't mind having an excuse to skip that!

And hey, there was some really good stuff last week! Like some terrific swim workouts. It still astonishes me a bit how much I've grown to love swimming. Considering this time last year I think I'd been to the pool all of once and didn't go back again until Sam and Mari handheld me through it. Now I'm all 'get out of the fast lane*, bitches, this is MY turf.'

*yeah, the fast lane at my local pool could perhaps better be described as 'the only lane where no one is breaststroking'. Fast is relative.

No swim pics, but this was my fuel for Friday's 3k swim. Yum.
And we had a fun Christmas themed long run on Saturday. Always nice to run with a group!
A photo posted by Sam J (@sammykaye71) on

Post run reward (they didn't have any vanilla dip donuts! WHAT THE HELL.)

So, this week. There's some sort of big holiday on Friday I hear, so this is all pretty tentative. We'll see how it goes.

Monday: rest
Tuesday: Morning swim, easy trainer (Whorl)
Wednesday: 8k run; TRX*
Thursday: trainer (TBD); swim
Friday: Christmas Day run
Saturday: trainer (TBD); long run (18k?)
Sunday: trainer (TBD); brick run; swim


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  1. Great week despite the wonky ankle! Take it easy and make sure its fully better before going hard again!