Race history

My racing history:

First up, going back a ways...

June 2003
Waterloo 10k Classic: 53:53

And then there's a long break - in those days I was basically a gym rat who primarily did spin/cardio classes. I signed up on a whim for a 'learn to run' program, which wrapped up with the 10k race. On 6 weeks of training I ran a 53:53? Damn, if only I'd kept running instead of going back to the gym (and then quitting exercise altogether when I had kids).

2 kids and not much exercise later, I got an iPhone and downloaded a Couch 2 5k app. Stuck with it and ended that program with this:

October 2011
Bronte Creek Turkey Trot 5k: 30:59. I was immediately hooked on that amazing feeling you get when you a finish a race, and signed up for more.

March 2012
Chilly half marathon: 2:06:59 - right around my goal time

Around the Bay 30k: 3:28:56. That Around the Bay was longer than I was really prepared for. We were in the process of getting our house ready to sell, my long runs vanished after the Chilly, and it was pretty much an all around undertrained disaster. It took weeks to recover fully from that mess. I had already at that point signed up for the Toronto Women's half marathon, but couldn't find the motivation to train seriously because we were getting ready to move.

My second half marathon didn't go very well.

May 2012
Toronto Women's half marathon: 2:12:52. This was also the race where I first learned that I don't run well when it's hot out. Also, I learned about chafing in the most painful possible way.

June 2012
Meredith Hagan 10k: 1:02:22. Non-technical trail run with a massive hill. Also, running over long grass is really un-fun.

July 2012
Canada Day 5k: 27:51. I was pretty pleased with this one at the time - it was a big improvement over my first 5k time!

August 2012
Colleen Lantz Memorial 10k: 59:05. This was a surprising result - it was hot and very hilly, and I really didn't think I had any chance at going under an hour. But I did!

At this point I was training a little more consistently, but the summer heat really got the better of me. Although I had set a goal to try and run a sub 2 hour half marathon in the fall, it was clear that wasn't going to happen.

September 2012
Milton half marathon: 2:04:55. At least I managed a PB!
Zoo Run 10k: 56:29. This one was VERY surprising. I was sure I'd run something even faster when rested up for the 10k I planned to run in October.

October 2012
Bronte Creek Turkey Trot 10k: 57:21 I didn't run faster. Instead I learned that double loop courses ARE THE DEVIL.

In November 2012 I sprained my foot and was off running for 5-6 weeks. That was a fun Christmas.

January 2013
Robbie Burns 8k: 46:23 I signed up for this one before I injured my foot, and hadn't been back to running for very long, so it wasn't a hard effort.

March 2013
Chilly half marathon: 2:09:17. Used this as a glorified training run as I was still in recovery mode from the sprained foot.

Around the Bay 30k: 3:04:54. aka the Around the Bay with the TRAIN.

April 2013
MEC Burlington 10k: 53:52. The race that suggested I would, in fact, be able to get a sub 2 hour half marathon at Mississauga. I had been hoping to go under 55, so being under 54 was a major confidence booster going into Mississauga.

May 2013
Mississauga half marathon: 1:58. The race where I did, in fact, get a sub 2 hour half marathon.

June 2013
Ride for Heart 75k. Which isn't a race, but as a non-cyclist felt like a pretty great accomplishment!

Moon in June 5k: 24:52. Where I went sub 25 minutes and won an age group prize for the first time ever. And also the only time ever, and let's be honest, it's probably not happening again any time soon.

And then everything else after that is detailed in the race reports over on the sidebar there --> Go read them, it'll keep you busy for a while.

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