Monday, December 28, 2015

Base training week 8

Now that week was more like it! I hope everyone had a great holiday.

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2k swim; Trainer (Whorl) 1:15
Wednesday: 10k run
Thursday: Trainer (Whorl) 1:15; 2k swim
Friday: 10k run
Saturday: 18k run; Trainer (Whorl) 1:15
Sunday: 1800m swim; Trainer (Virginia) 1:45; 7k brick run

I kept things to the endurance side on the bike, repeating Whorl x3 to make sure my ankle was ok. It was a little twinge-y through the week, but by Sunday when I moved up to the 1:45 endurance ride it was fine. Still, however, I'm going to be cautious with it this week and start off with some sweet spot efforts to see how it reacts. Which means no FTP test, OH DARN. Yeah, not exactly upset about that.

Swimming was fun this week. Tuesday was great, but Thursday...yikes. I didn't realize it because I only looked at the schedule for 'my' pool, but the city cancelled all the lane swims except one on Christmas Eve. When I walked in just after it had started it was a complete madhouse. I almost turned around and walked out again (and I saw quite a few people do exactly that!) but I really wanted to get in my swim so I gave it a shot. And it worked out a lot better than I could have hoped - although I had to share a lane with 5-6 other people, we were all pretty comparable in terms of speed and I got in a solid workout. Still, with all the bodies in the pool it was almost like swimming open water in a wavy lake! Good practice in some ways, I guess. I missed a lot of breaths due to waves smacking me in the face.

Mmmmmmmmm, empty. Opposite of Thursday.
After that experience, I decided to give a miss to the Saturday swim, as this time I looked at the complete schedule and saw that once again 'my' pool had the only lap swim that day. Staying in my PJs with a mug of tea seemed like a better choice. And then I had a lovely quiet swim on Sunday.

We are cute.
Running was good this week, especially getting out with my husband for a 10k Christmas day run. Feeling a little sluggish on the run but this week I'll add back in some speedwork and see where that takes me.

Post brick run, featuring a Christmas gift from Sam, who is the best. Love my running friends!

I'm off work this week which makes scheduling workouts so much easier. On the yay/boo side of things, somehow we ended up with all the leftover cheese from two family Christmas celebrations (so much food was eaten last week), so although I kind of love the fact we have about 15 different kinds of cheese in the fridge, I'm going to have to step up my workouts just to compensate!

Ginger judges your Christmas celebrations. Mostly the fact we won't share any of the food with him.
So, the plan for this week:

Monday: rest! Earned it!
Tuesday: 2k Swim, trainer 60 minute sweet spot (probably something like Slide Mountain). If that goes well, then I'll pick up the half iron base training plan on Thursday. If not, back to endurance spinning.
Wednesday: 10k run; TRX*
Thursday: 2k Swim, 1:15 trainer, brick run
Friday: 3k swim, trainer 1 hour
Saturday: 20.16 run
Sunday: 2:30 trainer endurance ride, brick run; 2k swim

*augh I suck at actually doing this.

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