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Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm a 30 something mom of two daughters, who works full time and is constantly doing the stereotypical working mom juggling of all the things. And I run. As much as I can.

I work in health research as a data analyst/research coordinator/whatever else I'm asked to do. Primarily I manage databases and do data analysis, but I also do critical appraisal of newly published medical research (surgical journals have fun pictures) and sometimes graphic design. I adore my job because it's just the right kind of challenging and provides flexible work hours that let me deal with childcare issues and allows me the time to fit in training runs on my lunch break.

I've been a runner off and on for years, but it wasn't until after my second daughter turned 2 that I really started taking it seriously. Prior to having kids I was more the gym rat type, doing lots of aerobics, spinning, and weight training, but with two young kids maintaining a gym going schedule proved to impossible. After a few years of half-assed attempts to get back into shape, I realized my gym going days were done. It just couldn't fit into my schedule any more. I hated how out of shape I felt, and looking realistically at my life, I realized the only way I was going to fit in exercise was to use my lunch hour during the week, and the only exercise I could do during that time would be running.

I made my way through Couch 2 5k and then kept going on to half marathons and a couple of 30k runs. I'm not sure when exactly I realized running was no longer 'a thing to do to keep in shape' but had become 'a thing I do because it's AWESOME', but that switch definitely didn't flip right away. Now, however, I'm totally addicted to the rush of running. If I have to miss a few days I become the Queen of Crankytown and my family is all 'go for a run already'.

I'm not the fastest runner, but I'm improving, which right now is good enough for me:

Race results through March 2014 translated to 5k equivalent times. Wish I could plug a regression line in there, it'd be a gorgeous downward slope!

Oh, and I have a fondness for running in skirts. Because they are cute. Skirt haters to the left.

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