Monday, February 2, 2015

Another snowy Monday training update

Well, another Monday, another day at home. I could get used to this! This time it's a snow day, which is WAY more fun than being home with a sick kid. Especially since Monday is usually my rest day so I don't even have to try and figure out how to cram in a workout (other than shoveling the driveway, which is totally cross training). Later we'll bake cookies!


I had to move some of my workouts around last week due to sick kids and pool foulings and such things, but it all got done.

My pictures of the actual pool were all weirdly blurry, so you get this boring one instead.

Swimming: ~2300m over 2 sessions
Cycling: 3 hours 30 minutes on the trainer
Running: 44k; 4 hours, 23 minutes

Total training time: 8 hours, 54 minutes

Some interesting developments this week. First, on the swim, the bilateral breathing is coming together - I no longer swallow half the pool when I breathe to the right, and it's starting to feel natural to switch back and forth. So yay to that.

On the bike, since I've been repeating the workouts I did 6 weeks ago, I've been able to compare my results, and it's very, very good. This training plan really works.

Bow before my epic paint skillz. But seriously, I'm really happy to see this kind of progress!
On the run, the speed work during the week was a bit of a mess due to weather and road conditions, but the 26k run I did on Sunday with Mari went extremely well. I can't get over how strong I'm feeling on my long runs lately. I'm becoming a believer in the Run Less Run Faster plan, that's for sure.

Annnnnnnnd I pulled the trigger and registered for Welland. Eep.

Crap, I need to buy a wetsuit.

This week, more of the same. Usual two swims, still working on that bilateral breathing. I may try and push the total distance up a bit on the swim this week. Or maybe not. Biking will be the peak week of the current training plan, so it's going to be tough! The long ride this week is the hardest one in the plan, and I'm simultaneously exciting to try it and a little bit scared. Running will be the usual, although since I went a little longer than planned for my long this week, I can probably shorten things up a touch this weekend if I feel tired. And running is very weather dependent (thank goodness I don't have to run until Wednesday, which gives the city lots of time to get things clear for me, since doing my runs on clear roads is clearly the most important thing they should be worrying about).

This picture has nothing to do with anything except I had a snake around my neck this week at my nieces's birthday party. AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH. 

And some solid time with the foam roller is in order, I think - my right leg is a little cranky. Nothing major, but some self massage is called for.

Fingers crossed for a good week this week!


  1. Great snake photo! I'm happy you signed up for Welland! Sounds like you're going to KILL it! WooHoo!

  2. Great week of training Emma. Way to juggle it around life responsibilities too! Good stuff.

  3. LOL at the snake pic. We had one of those pet parties when Noah was wee. Fun times. Great week of training! Your bike skills are going to be deadly this summer!!