Monday, February 16, 2015

Around the Bay training update

Rest week! Much needed. I was glad for the lower volume this week, and I'm feeling ready to get back to the hard stuff.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 1300m swim at lunch; 1 hour easy ride on the trainer in the evening

Wednesday: Intervals. Only did four of the prescribed six 800s due to life stuff. They sucked, hard. So I'm kind of glad I didn't have time to do the last two because they probably would have been a disaster and really f'd with my head. I do not like the intervals in this training plan; it's getting kind of demoralizing to miss on them every single week.

1700m swim in the evening with the tri club - new distance record for me in the pool! I feel like my stroke is coming together pretty nicely, even if the coach is constantly telling me to relax my neck.

Swim time!
Thursday: Easy ride on the trainer, again. Boring. But necessary to let the adaptations from the hard training take place.

Friday: Supposed to be a tempo run (and one I was actually looking forward to!), but with the extreme cold and more life stuff, I didn't have clear roads to use. So I settled for an easy 8k.

Please note the crappy road conditions in the background. Ugh. I had enough of that nonsense last year.
Saturday: Long run. Did the first half with Sam & Nicole and was glad for the company, then went off on my own for the Northshore hills. Decent 20k, felt pretty good overall and the pace was on target with the plan. Can't complain about that.


Sunday: Long trainer ride. Easy. Boring.
So glad I had a trainer ride scheduled and didn't have to go out in that stupid temperature.

This week things get a LOT more exciting! Since my bike training plan is done, it's time to start the next one, which begins with an FTP test. In other words, some extreme pain is in store. Plus there's some super 'fun' running intervals and a 30k long run in store.

Back to the hard work!


  1. You seem so bored on your trainer. I wonder what you can do to liven it up?I think Sam watches Downton Abbey :p

  2. Awesome job, Emma! Boring is good I guess. Because this week will NOT be boring. HA!

  3. Good job on the training and writing an entertaining blog! You put a lot of effort into both :)

  4. Great week Emma! Now relax your neck! :~)