Monday, February 23, 2015

Training update Monday

Warning: This one is braggy.

(Yes a running triathlon* blog is sort of inherently braggy, but I had one hell of a training week last week, so this one is even more insufferably naval-gazing and self satisfied than usual).

*since I am in fact doing a triathlon on Saturday I guess I should get used to being more a triathlete than a runner now...

Run: 48k in 4 hours, 38 minutes
Bike: 4 hours on the trainer; brand new FTP
Swim: 2 swims, ~2800m

Total time: 9 hours, 52 minutes

Monday: Resty Mcresterson.

It was also Family Day. I did not win Scrabble Jr.

Tuesday: Usually I swim at lunch on Tuesdays, but I skipped it because I wanted to be totally rested and ready to go for my FTP test in the evening. The cyclists are nodding along. For the non-cyclists, an FTP test involves a long warm up and then riding as hard as you can maintain for a set period of time. Your results then set the difficulty of the future workouts. It's leg-burning, heart pounding, I-might-just-lose-my-dinner fun.

And how did it end?

It was an hour before my legs stopped trembling.

BOOM. 19 point increase. Thank you Trainerroad.

Wednesday: I was on a huge mental high from the successful FTP test and practically floated through a 10k run at lunch, with 8k at Around the Bay pace. Then a 30 minute very easy recovery ride on the bike after dinner, before heading out to my coached swim and doing 1400m there. Three sports in one day, why the hell not?

I didn't take many pictures this week. But I did win a free tea, so it was pretty much an awesome day all around.

Thursday: Swam at lunch, first real workout of the new bike training plan in the evening. Riding at the new FTP is certainly harder! Plus now I'm getting into VO2 max and threshold work and all sorts of other super fun stuff. I'm going to need bigger fans in the #paincave.

Friday: Interval time for the run. 2x1600m and 2x800m. It was stupidly cold so I bargained with myself to get through them (just do the first one. OK just do the second one and then we'll quit. Well might as well do the third...and now there's just one left, let's just do it). I made the target paces slightly easier than prescribed which was hugely helpful, mentally (plus did I mention it was cold and I was wearing all the clothes?). I consider those a big win.

Saturday: 90 minutes on the trainer doing threshold intervals. Set new PBs for sweatiness. Spent the rest breaks texting with Nicole to set up a run for Sunday ("OK if I survive the next 10 minutes we'll meet at 7am, ok?") and send her super classy pictures like this:

"I think Trainerroad is trying to kill me"

Sunday: Met up with Nicole, who joined me for 22k. I planned the route so that even though we started at Lasalle Park, we avoided all the Northshore hills, which kind of feels like cheating, but whatevs. Go to her blog and check out her awesome frost lashes - my hair frost game was WEAK compared to hers.

I swear, there's frost on my hair! Really! Oh nevermind. Just go admire Nicole's.
Hamilton obliged with a reasonably clear waterfront trail from Princess Point over to Bayshore. And it sure beat dodging cars on Plains and York. Even with the kind of shitty footing we kept the pace up pretty well, though, so that's a confidence boost.

I tacked on an additional 8k loop after leaving Nicole back at the cars for my first 30k run in I don't even know. Since the marathon, I guess! And I felt pretty good. Tired by the end (obviously), but feeling pretty strong.

And very happy with the week overall! Really couldn't have gone any better.

Next up, my first 'race' of the year, an indoor triathlon on Saturday. Although I'm not truly racing it, doing it more as a fun thing (I'm not tapering or resting at all for it, so I'm not going to be setting any records, that's for sure). Still, I'm looking forward to stringing the three sports together for the first time.


  1. Another fantastic week for sure, Emma! I think you're going to smoke the "race" on Saturday and be very surprised at how well you do!

  2. I can't wait to hear about Saturday!!! Go kick some butt! Do you like Tim's tea? I'm not a fan. #teasnob

    1. Ha, I don't love it, but I'll get the occasional steeped tea. Since it tastes nothing like real tea I think of it as a completely different beverage.

      To be honest I've been buying it lately just to have something hot to hold on my walk in to work from the parking lot...

  3. Great week of training the recap and the photos! Good luck on Saturday, sounds like fun and I'm sure you'll do great.