Monday, January 26, 2015

Snowy Monday training update

I was going to title this related to how many weeks are left before Around the Bay, but I have no idea. It's in a spreadsheet somewhere and I'm too lazy to look.

But I was so enjoying have ice and snow free sidewalks and roads! Damn it!

At any rate, it's a suddenly snowy Monday morning and I'm home with a sick kid, so I thought I'd write up a brief training update before I jump back into the work from home thing.

Swim: ~2k
Bike: 3:30 on the trainer
Run: 40.7 km
8 hours 30 minute total

Last week was pretty intense. Week 3 of my cycling plan, when things really start to build towards the week 5 peak, plus some tough interval and tempo runs. Since I've never trained like this before I'm keeping an eye on my fatigue levels to make sure all is well. So far so good. I also monitor my resting heart rate as it tends to elevate when I'm getting tired and should maybe think about another rest day - all in line with what I usually see (in fact it's lower than usual by a couple of beats per minute).

Sample workout - 90 minute ride with 20 minute long intervals. Those are no joke.  Excellent mental practice for racing, though.
My right hip (the one that has been bothering ever since the marathon) finally seems to be fully better (KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD EVERYWHERE). I had an entire week where I felt entirely normal, and then BAM. Early last week, sciatica acting up on the left side. It doesn't bother me at all while standing, walking, running, biking, just while sitting. Which, given that I work an office job, is like 90% of my day.

However, my charming husband brought home this bad boy foam roller, and let me tell you, 5 minutes with that thing and I found a spot in my left glute that was very angry, worked it over, and now the sciatic pain is completely gone. It's always the glutes, I swear. This roller is my new best friend and I'm greatly enjoying having no stupid hip pain. Fingers crossed that lasts.

Also it can double as an emergency pylon. ORANGE!
Now, going into this plan my worry was that I'd lose running fitness running only 3 days a week. I've always been a 5 or 6 day a week type runner, so the thought of cutting back to only 3 was a little scary! However, as I told the girls on Saturday during our long run, this cross training shit really does work. I figured with the much lower weekly run mileage runs north of 20k would be tough - but this week's 22k-er felt great. My legs were strong, and my cardio feels better than ever. I mean, it makes sense in so many ways, but I had to experience it to really believe it.

Love to hate Northshore. All those hills. Thanks to Nicole for the pic!

Oh, and this happened a couple of times. Starting to feel reasonably competent in the pool. Progress!

Almost put my swimsuit on inside out. AGAIN. I am so good at this.

This week, more of the same. Plan is for 2 swims, 3 bike, 3 run. Everything a little more intense. Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Sounds like your training off to a great start. Hope that the hip pains etc. are in the past. Happy training and you look good in that swim cap!

  2. Ugh - the internet ate my comment! I was gonna say that perhaps the cross training is exactly what the grumpy hip needs? I can't run anymore than 3-4 times/week. If I do I get stress fractures, tendonitis etc. The cross training really helps me. Keep up the great work my friend, you'll be a force to be reckoned with come tri season this summer! Perhaps we can figure out a tri to do together... I'll be in the next age group up (eeek!).

  3. HAHAHA! HOW do you wear your suit inside out? That's amazing! You're doing so, so well. I think you're going to be so surprised when you tackle that first road (running) race this year. Well done!

  4. Wait til you put your wetsuit on back to front. That's always a treat. Awesome week Emma. Glad to see you figuring out how to fit it all in.