Monday, March 17, 2014

Mississauga Marathon training: Week 8

This week featured Mother Nature having a massive hissy fit and my longest run ever. Let's do this thing.

Thanks for letting me know, Runkeeper!

Monday: TRX class. Leg focus. Ouch.

Tuesday: SPRING! Easy 8k at lunch with Jennifer, which was really fun! I enjoyed showing her some of the great lunch run spots near work, and hopefully she will join me again soon. Her blog name makes me think we should be talking about sewing, which I used to do a lot once upon a time and hope to get back to soon, if I ever get around to setting up a sewing space in our house. There's just not enough time in the day.

Sun shining, snow melting, glorious day!
Wednesday: Snowmageddon Part XXIV or whatever we are up to now. How the hell did it go from totally spring on Tuesday to ridiculous snowstorm on Wednesday? I attempted a lunch run fairly early on, when the snow hadn't accumulated too much, and was kind of enjoying myself, but then 2k in got a call that the kid's March break camp would be closing early so I had to cut it short to go pick them up. Managed 4k, so it wasn't a totally lost cause. And the hour I had to spend shoveling our driveway was also a decent workout.

Yeah, so that sucked.
Thursday:  Really wasn't sure if this one was going to happen at all, what with all the snow everywhere, but it turned out that the multi use trails were in good shape, so I managed an easy 10k on my lunch hour. 12 would have been better, but between March break for the kids and mother nature's snowy hissy fit, this week was all about just fitting in whatever I can.

Friday: Rest day! Last day of March break for the kids. Thank god we're back to the school routine next week. Also a super warm day which melted a lot of the snow from Wednesday. Which is good, because doing Saturday's long run over snow would have sucked.

Saturday: Met up with Patty for 32k. My longest run ever and first 20 miler. It was pretty awesome, even running out and back on Northshore and hitting all those hills in both directions. Felt good and finished feeling like I could have run more (although admittedly, when we stopped at a stoplight at 31k my legs were not real happy about having to start back up for the last km).

20 miles and still smiling!
We did run through squirrel alley again. This time it was just one really large mangy grey squirrel eyeing us up:

Clearly dangerous.
Sunday: 10k very easy. Amy joined me and although it was cold again, it was a pretty good run. I was extra happy when she agreed to run with me because if I'd been alone I'd have spent the entire 10k humming that damn song from Frozen. Every time I succeed in getting it out of my head one of my kids wanders by singing it and it's stuck right back in there again.

Looks cold, right? Dare I say....FROZEN?
Sunday afternoon I made a lemon cranberry poppyseed cake for tea time, and one bite of that stuff set off the Runger big time (running + hunger = runger). My stomach suddenly realized I'd run 42km over two days and decided that all those calories must be made up immediately.

Let's just say there's no cake left.

Weekly summary: 64.9 km (what is with me and the .9s lately??), 1 TRX class. About 6k short of where I wanted to be this week, but it is what it is. Sometimes life happens.

This week will start the taper for Around the Bay. Is it weird that I'm looking forward to having the time and energy on Saturday morning to do some spring cleaning, since I don't have to run for 3 hours?


  1. Great week of training and congrats on the first 20 miler! Nice work...

  2. I felt like we were still surrounded by invisible beady little squirrel eyes.

  3. Congrats on the PDR! It's so weird to think that all of that snow that fell on Wednesday is gone now. Great week, enjoy the taper!