Monday, March 31, 2014

Mississauga marathon training: week 10

Why did no one tell me Chai tea was so awesome? I have a new obsession now.

Monday: Home with sick kid. Rest day spent caring for sick child and washing my hands to attempt to avoid catching whatever hideous illness she might be carrying. The little germ vector is lucky she's so adorable.

Tuesday: Up stupidly early to get in 8k before my husband had to leave on a work trip. I am so out of the habit of early morning runs; this was really tough and I was so tired the rest of the day. Also, still f'in cold out. At least the sidewalks are now clear of ice/snow so I can start running in different places! So bored of my winter running routes.

Wednesday: Got to run at lunch, but it was INSANELY COLD AND WINDY again. I just cannot even with this weather. 9k with the wind in my face the entire time (not sure how that works).

Quick visit to the Around the Bay route to see if I could spot a road closure sign. I love seeing the road closure signs before a race. That's not weird, right?
Thursday: Squeezed in 5k after dropping the kids at school and before I had to go to a work conference. Last run before the race!

Friday: Rest day - and race expo! Usual pre-race burrito for lunch.

Trying on the ATB hat.

Saturday: Rest. It is so weird to sleep in on a Saturday.

Sunday: Around the Bay! Race report to come. It was a mixed bag in terms of outcome, some good, some bad.

Weekly summary: 52.5 km run. With no injuries, so I'm considering that a win, that the hip thing seems to have resolved. Especially since I'm now headed into the peak weeks before Mississauga. Whole lotta kms coming up next.

Runkeeper also informs me I ran the most km in a month ever, 245.4. Not bad.

So the pre-races are done. Nothing left now but the marathon...


  1. Just the marathon left... little victory lap, right?
    Hopefully better weather this month too!

  2. You'll kick a** in that marathon!!!