Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why I am not running

If you were to ask, say, my husband to describe me, somewhere after 'super sexy' and 'awesome' would probably be 'clumsy as hell'. If I can trip over it, knock it down, or bump into it, I probably will.

This feels a little familiar...
 I'm not a particularly graceful person, is what I'm saying. And that clumsiness can make me somewhat accident prone.

I must walk past this wall in our house 30 times a day, if not more. Without incident. Until Christmas Eve, when I swear to god it just jumped right out in front of me, and BAM. I whacked my right foot into the wall. Really hard.

I could tell right away it wasn't one of those ouch I stubbed my toe but it'll be better in a few minutes sorts of deals. The pain was really intense and I couldn't put weight on my foot. By Christmas morning my fourth toe had swelled up to about twice its usual size, and the pain on trying to bear weight was bad. I'm pretty sure it's broken, although I admit I haven't yet been to any doctor other than Dr. Google, who tells me that if it is broken there isn't really anything to do other than tape it to the companion toes and RICE. Which I'm doing anyway.

The only shoes I can wear without cursing right now. SEXY.

So, not much else to say, except obviously I won't be running for a bit. It's improved pretty significantly already (I can walk almost normally again if I'm cautious and careful), and I'm hopeful that if I can keep myself from whacking it against something else and setting the whole process back, it won't be too terrible a recovery. Somehow, I'm really not freaking out much over it.  Last year I sprained my foot and it was 6 weeks before I could run, and although at the time I just about went insane, once I started running again getting back up to full strength wasn't that bad a process. So I know a few weeks off isn't the end of the world.

I'm still keeping an eye on that wall, though. Just in case it decides to jump out in front of me again.

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  1. Oh no! I broke my baby toe once, it hurt like a mutha. Mind you it was sticking out from my foot at a 90* angle. That felt great to get put back in. I'll miss you, hopefully you heal up quickly if only to be able to lose the Crocs. ;o)