Sunday, December 15, 2013

Running in the snow

1. Look outside, see all the snow. Check weather network and see the windchill. Decide to run on the treadmill.

2. Remember you don't own a treadmill.

3. Throw a hissy fit. Quit running.

This gif raises so many questions.

4. Un-quit running and start getting out the layers. Lots of layers.

So many clothes.

5. Add another layer.

Ninja runner. BRING IT ON, WINTER.
 6. Step out the door, think, oh, this isn't so bad. Kind of pretty, too.

7. Start running. Through half a foot of delightfully light fluffy snow. Every km feels about 30% harder than usual. Look at pace on watch and laugh hysterically.

8. Develop frozen eyelashes.

HARDCORE. Also, really freaking weird feeling. Couldn't see properly for half the run. Photo swiped from Patty.

9. Turn around, realize that without the headwind, you are REALLY OVERDRESSED. Dressing for winter running is a delicate balancing act you have not yet mastered.

A little overdressed.
 10. Finish run. Feel sense of smug self satisfaction about beating winter. Until next time!

The next day. MORE SNOW!


  1. Haha, that's funny! Great photo of you and Patty, great snow-running!

  2. Great pics!!! Exactly the same situation here ;)

  3. He he Very true! Also, I love the panda gif!