Friday, December 13, 2013

Running along - mid December update

Since we're definitely now into winter weather, I organized our hall closet in a pointless attempt to get the family shoe and boot situation under control (holy shit why do we have so many shoes????). In the process, I also sorted out all my running stuff. I moved the summer specific gear to another container and got all the winter gear nicely laid out and ready to go:

Lots of dollar store gloves, far more headbands than anyone really needs, assorted Buffs, and safety equipment. Bring it on, winter!

Patty and I went for a terrific run on a new route that was one of the best feeling runs I've done in ages. Amazing how energizing running somewhere new can be. And I finally got to try running up the massive hill near my house, and it wasn't all that bad. Running down at the end of the run = WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

There were also sheep, a massive quarry, and way too much road kill.

That run took us past the Bruce Trail entrance that's 2k from my house. I've always meant to explore that trail, and somehow just never got around to it. Now is the perfect time for trail exploring - no snow, but the ground is frozen so no mud, and with no leaves on the trees it's much harder to get lost.

Well, I don't look quite as much like a serial killer in this selfie, anyway.
It was wonderful. The quiet of the woods, the challenge of the uphills, the fun of the downhills. This trail running thing isn't half bad.

Gotta love climbing ladders over barbed wire fences in the woods!

Plus the trail is so close to home. Can't wait to do some longer runs in there.

Then it got ridiculously, stupidly cold. Thank goodness I'd sorted out the running stuff and located my warmest headgear before that happened. I kept on running at 5 am, because that's what I do now, apparently.
Feels like -21? Even the Weather Network is like, you are dumb.
I know I dared winter to bring it on up there, but I didn't mean we had to go mega cold right this second! Gives us some transition time, sheesh.

So, just running along right now, starting to gradually build my mileage back up for January when my training plan starts. If the weather cooperates I'm hoping to do a lot of trail running over the Christmas break, but the snow in the forecast may have other ideas about that!

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  1. The Bruce Trail looks beautiful on your photos, it must be great running there! Your early morning runs are very inspiring, Emma, I enjoy reading your updates!