Monday, December 30, 2013

Injury update: The girl who cried wolf

Well now I feel silly - my toe is clearly not broken after all, since I doubt that broken toes feel this much better after only a few days. The girl who cried wolfbroken toes, that's me.

The toe still hurts, and there's a fun blood blister on the bottom (no, I won't inflict a picture on you), but if I tape it up I can run just fine. So HOORAY to not having to change my training plans!

Tip of the day: 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts water in a freezer bag is the perfect ice pack - freezes but stays flexible to mold to whatever body part you need to ice. I have a half a dozen of them in the freezer at any time Just In Case.

Yesterday I did an easy 6k test run without any problems (I can feel the toe, but it doesn't interfere with my gait at all, and it doesn't get any worse with running or swell up afterwards or anything like that). Today, another 6k. Felt great (other than the fact my hamstrings HATE ME right now after the kettlebell workout I did on Saturday). One more day left in 2013 to round out my mileage, and then I'll post my year in review recap, because I'm pretty sure they take your blog away if you don't do some sort of year end post.

One more selfie for the year!

And then, on to marathon training! I think I'll do weekly marathon training updates, since it is my first marathon and I'd like to document the process a bit. At least until I get bored.


  1. Glad to hear that the toe is feeling better even if your medical degree diagnosis was incorrect. Dr Google strikes again. LOL Looking forward to following your training!!

    1. Dr. Google is the worst doctor ever. Such an alarmist!