Monday, July 4, 2016

Muskoka 70.3 specialization: week 7. RACE WEEK!

This is it. Last weekly update before the race.

I have my bib number and wave start time and today I figured out how to load the bike into the car and still have room for all our luggage (and the children, who are somewhat important as well). Excuse me while I go do some calming breathing exercises.

Where was I. Week 7. First week of taper!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2000m swim; TR - Sonora (60 minutes threshold/VO2)
Wednesday: 8k run; 1800m swim
Thursday: TR - Boarstone (2 hours aerobic) + 7k brick run
Friday: 50k Canada Day ride; 10k run
Saturday: 1800m OWS + 60k bike ride
Sunday: 15k run

That kind of doesn't look like a taper. BUT the intensity was lowered for a lot of it, so I do feel like I have more energy right now. That could also be because I'm on vacation this week and I didn't have to get up early this morning. Either way, I'll take it!

Look! Look what I got!! Slowly looking more pro...
Tuesday was my birthday (last year in this age group...), so I celebrated by getting the birthday present my amazing friends got me installed on my bike. Awwww. I have the best friends, really. I followed that up with the hardest workout in the TR plan because HA HA of course that would fall on my birthday. Why the hell not.

Amazingly, it went really well. I do strenuously object to the workout description which says that the rest breaks would be 1 minute long.


But hey, my rage when I figured that out did propel me to a new 2 minute power PB, so yay? I think?

Wednesday I had a nice run at lunch, and spent far too much time trying to take this picture:

Yeah, wasn't worth it.
Thursday's trainer workout was a long aerobic ride, which was something of a relief after doing so many long tempo rides. I attempted to watch Van Helsing for entertainment, but I had forgotten what a totally terrible movie that is. And not in a funny terrible way, just...bad. I turned it off an hour in and watched Brooklyn 99 instead. It was, overall, nice to shut off my brain and just mindlessly peddle at low effort for a while.

Then I did 7k at tempo after, because it seemed like a good idea. Yeah, NOW I'm motivated to start running tempo pace. Makes perfect sense.

Overdressed, but I had to test the new race shirt! Obviously!
Friday I set out optimistically for a bike ride with the girls. There was only a little rain in the forecast...

It was dreary and cold and wet but I think we still had a good time. Good company makes up for a lot!

A photo posted by Sam J (@sammykaye71) on

We didn't do our planned brick because our feet were soaked (I literally could have poured water out of my shoes at various points during that ride), and Sam and I hadn't brought spare socks. At Welland, during the long course, I got a massive blister on my right foot, likely due to the soaking with water I got late in the race from a volunteer. It felt great at the time but in retrospect I should have tried to keep my feet dry! I didn't want to risk any further foot damage at this point so left the run until later in the day.

Plus, all I wanted was to go home and warm up!

Yes this is from July 1st, not January 1st.
Saturday I met Fab at Gullivers for a swim and a bike. It was great - we rode the same route we did a few weeks ago, but at an easier effort, and still averaged over 29 km/hr. I feel strong and happy on the bike, especially when I get to break out my climbing legs!

Immediately makes hair appointment. Yeah I dunno what's going on with that. But the new club kit is lovely!
Sunday, up early to get in a long run, as the kids were doing TriKids Oakville later that morning. I tried to get their input for a mini race report from them, but all I got was:

I got super tired and I was happy when it was over.
It was really fun
My favourite part was all of it. No wait, my favourite was eating the snacks.
I would never do a triathlon if I didn't get a medal, because why do it if you don't get a surprise at the end?

I need to work on their race reporting skills, clearly.

Which brings us to this week. Last week of the plan. RACE WEEK. Where's that paper bag for me to breathe into again???!

The plan:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: TR - Adams (50 minutes threshold/VO2); swim
Wednesday: EZ run; hopefully an OWS (pool if not)
Thursday: TR - Mont Albert (1 hour sweet spot/tempo intervals) + short brick run
Friday: Travel to Muskoka!!
Saturday: 40 minute or so bike ride to make sure everything is in order
Sunday: RACE

If you see me this week, I'll be busy FREAKING OUT!


  1. 1) that TR workout looks AWFUL!!!
    2) your girls should write my race reports. We have the same sentiments.
    3) EEK!!!!

  2. 1) that TR workout looks AWFUL!!!
    2) your girls should write my race reports. We have the same sentiments.
    3) EEK!!!!

  3. You are ready!! You look fit and strong. Have a great time this weekend and can't wait to hear all about it.