Monday, July 18, 2016

Muskoka 70.3 - post race thoughts

So, it's been over a week since the race. The medal is hanging on the bulletin board at work with my other tri medals, I've worn the finisher hat every time it was even remotely appropriate, I finally cut off the athlete bracelet, and I've had a chance to think about the whole experience and what I'd like to do next.

Also, there has been a lot of refueling.
I am, overall, really satisfied with how the race went. For the swim, I came out of the water right where I expected to be. I still can't seem to find a faster gear in open water, so that's something to work on.

On, the bike, well, I'm still positively buzzing about how well that went! To hold a faster average speed over the hills of Muskoka than I did at Barrelman last year? I mean, come on. Couldn't really be prouder of myself (while still feeling motivated to do even better!).

The run, I'm not really satisfied with. The time was fine, and about what I expected, but I do feel like I mentally gave up a bit, so I'm not fully satisfied with the effort. I know I have a faster half iron run in me, it's just a matter of getting the training to line up and my head on right. It's always good to have goals and something to work on, right?

Pic my husband took as I headed for the finish. If only there was a way to bottle that feeling! This is why we keep coming back and doing more races...
So, last week I took things pretty easy. I did a short and easy open water swim on Wednesday night with the club, mostly for the chance to socialize with people, if I'm being honest. But the swim helped me feel a little more human and a little less sluggish. Thursday I took the road bike out for a short ride, which was a lot of fun, at least until I noticed the looming thunderstorm rolling in and had to make a mad dash for home (made it with 2 minutes to spare!). Friday a short run which was OK. Running and I have some negotiations to do, I think. It's always the one where I feel the fatigue the longest after a race.

Just me and the road bike, having a little fun.
Saturday, Laurence was looking for company for his last really long ride as he trains for Norseman, so I offered to join him for 90k or so. Which somehow ended up being 115k and included climbing Rattlesnake Point for the first time ever, on my really inappropriately geared for that hill triathlon bike. (locals know about Rattlesnake. I don't even like to drive my car up that hill. The blog post in that link does a pretty good job of capturing what it's like, although the grades still surprised me).

Getting to the top of that hill without falling off my bike or coughing up a lung? One of the highlights of my year so far, really. Although next time I'm either taking the road bike or getting a new cassette for the tri bike. With the 11-25 I basically ran out of gears at the bottom of the hill and had to muscle my way up the whole thing. That's not a great feeling.

I did not stop and take pictures at Rattlesnake. This was long after when we stopped to get Cokes. BEST THING EVER.
Another short ride yesterday and I'm feeling pretty good, other than my sciatic nerve acting up and reminding me it can be a real asshole. Physio tomorrow for that, but it's fairly mild so shouldn't be too big a deal.

More roads to explore and Strava segment leaderboards to climb...
This week I'm going to try and get back into my usual routine of workouts, but keeping things easy and light. No real plan, just aim for a few swims, bikes, and runs and see how the body holds it together.

Next week, though, it'll be 4 weeks until Goderich and 8 weeks until Barrelman. Back to the training grind, because I want to kick some serious Barrelman ass this time around and improve my times in all three sports. Assuming decent weather, it should be a great race, and I'm ready to gear up and put in some hours to make sure of it!

Also, more cheesecake to eat so I better get back to training ASAP.

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