Saturday, June 14, 2014

On bikes and enemies

As I find myself increasingly 'getting it' with cycling, I've been reading more about bikes and biking and such. And man do I ever want a road bike. Not in the budget at the moment, but someday...

At some point I stumbled across this very amusing video:

(check out some of their other videos, too - the Road Vs. Mountain bike rap battle is hysterical)

Unfortunately there's no How to be a Runner video in their series, because the road bike one got me thinking about who would be on the runner enemy list.

So far I have:
Walkers (especially the ones who line up at the front at races)
Nordic Walkers (why do they always stare like they've never seen a runner before?)
Pelotons (because of the one that almost ran me off the road on Northshore that one time)
Dogs (both the off-leash variety for being terrifying, and the on-leash variety whose owners don't clean up after them)
"You are going to ruin your knees" people (because shut up)

Who is on your enemy list?

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