Monday, June 16, 2014

In a holding pattern

Still keeping things easy right now. Although my hip has been feeling better, there's occasionally still a bit of twinging going on. Essentially every day I ask my legs, are you cool today? And I pay attention to the answer. Last week was the first since the marathon where all 5 days I wanted to run my legs said Yes, we're cool with that. But no speedwork or hard hills or tempo efforts until everything feels 100%. So while I'm not officially training for the fall yet, my thoughts are turning that way, and I think next week I should be comfortable starting an actual plan. With speed and tempo and all that good stuff. Oh, and I've started registering for races. Watch the sidebar (I have an irrational rule that I won't put a race on the sidebar until I've paid for it, which is why Road 2 Hope isn't up there yet even though I plan to do it).

From here.

I did end up with 70k total last week - 25k on the bike, 45k running. Highest running week since the marathon, with no ill effects, so that's a positive. Last year I kind of abandoned bike cross training because it just wasn't fun, but somehow this year the bike is really appealing. It might just be that I'm a lot more confident sharing the road with cars, which means I can ride more interesting places. Or maybe it's all those pushy triathletes tempting me to become a multi-sport athlete. They seem to have an awfully good time.

Here's some random photos to liven things up.

Back to 5 am run club, which at least comes with the bonus of sunrises.

Seeing the girls off on Patty's birthday run - I was cycling that day, which is why I look like even more of a giant than usual, since the cleats on my shoes make me taller. And the driveway slopes down.

Sweet rocky running on the Bruce trail. Love this stuff.

The mighty Saugeen River in Grey County. The husband and I are getting really into the idea of seeking out new running trails when we travel. Ottawa in August will be fun - we'll definitely be getting in at least one run while we are there.

Very high pedestrian bridge in Hanover, Ontario.

The latest addition to my running playlist:


  1. Trans Canada Trail in Ottawa. I did it last year - went out for a 10k run with an 8oz bottle of water. Had such an amazing run, I didn't turn around until 8k. Whoops. First ever fasted run. I was STARVED after but it was worth it.

    1. We're staying right downtown, so will probably do the trans canada past the parliament buildings one day, and the canal the other. I may be more excited about the running than I am the wedding we're going there for...

  2. Looks like some beautiful spots to run!

  3. I remember writing a comment and then I had to go to a meeting. Did I lose it or it's in your queue to have it published? *confused*

    1. nothing in my queue - blogger has been weird lately, last time I tried to comment on Nicole's blog I had to enter it three times before it finally went through.

    2. Ugh, ok - no worries then. It was something along these lines: I am more of a button pusher than pushy person. But I know how hard it is to resist the appeal of the speed and wind in your hair and so many kilometers of landscape!! How can you not have a great time? You get to play in 3 sports at once!