Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moon in June 5k Race Report 2014

I don't really have that much to say about this race. It was one of those ones where as soon the race started, things just didn't feel right. I found myself running half marathon pace instead of 5k pace for the middle three kilometers, and I didn't have the mental whatever to push it faster. Which is, probably, better anyway, since my injured leg is still bothering me a bit. Maybe this was just my brain's way of making sure I didn't do something stupid.

Chip time: 24:53
Overall place: 140/747
Gender place: 43/466
Age group place: 5/71

Still my third fastest 5k ever, so hey, not bad for a race where I don't think I really gave full effort. I still think I'm capable of running something closer to 24 than 25, but it just wasn't the right night or race. I might take another shot at Canada Day, or I might not. Haven't decided yet.

The race itself is a lot of fun. Great flat course, just big enough to be fun but not so big as to have a lot of hassles with crowds, and the after party at the Sound of Music (Kim Mitchell!) was very enjoyable (once we eventually found it - that was a bit confusing). Definitely a race I recommend, if you can manage the whole night race thing, which is not my favourite. Also I wish they gave out medals, just because I like the bling. My husband and I will probably plan to run it again next year as a date night (yes, running a race is our idea of a fun date. Runners, we're nuts).

A few scenes from the race:

Watching the kid race

Here comes the super speedy first place kids!

Start line selfie

Post race wandering down to the Sound of Music and the pier.

Post race party

Kim Mitchell is somewhere in the really bright white light. NOT playing Patio Lanterns yet (we left before he got to that song because we were hungry).

Skyway. The Burlington Waterfront is really pretty awesome.

Post race poutine, because YES PLEASE.


  1. What restaurant is that poutine from?

    1. Jack Astors. It probably tasted better than it really was because I was crazy hungry by the time I got it.

  2. Nice result all the same. Congrats!

  3. Does Kim Mitchell have another song other than Patio Lanterns? LOL Nice date night, guys! A PB and poutine!


    (and congratulations on a great race, even without full effort!)