Monday, January 13, 2014

Not the post I was planning to write

This week was supposed to be the exciting start of official marathon training.

Instead, I'm doing this:

Why does no one ever ask me for fashion advice? C'mon those socks are awesome.

I'm facing the fact that although I've managed to (possibly stupidly) run 98 km on my injured toe, it's still hurting and I should probably sit my ass down until it's actually, truly better. Because running doesn't make it feel worse I've been sucking it up and running anyway, because runners are dumbasses, yo. I seem to have reached a point where the recovery has stalled out and the pain level hasn't improved much over the last few days. So it's time to rest and see if that helps.

I'm crossing my fingers that a few days of as much rest as possible will magically fix things, but if it's a week, two weeks, well, that's what it will be. This is, honestly, not really about getting healthy for run training. If I wind up stumbling through an under trained Chilly half/ATB, then so be it, and there's still time to put together adequate training to finish the marathon. Not as fast a marathon as I might want, but it'll get done.

The reason I need this thing better is because we have a family vacation coming up soon that is going to involve a ton of walking (think mouse ears), and the last thing I want is to be limping for that! I've got some time and it's time to use it wisely and get fully better. I want to have fun chasing my kids around various theme parks, not yelling at them to wait for me as I limp along in pain.

So, marathon training can wait.


  1. Good idea to rest it, and hopefully it clears up quickly. No worries, lots of time to train still :)

    1. Thanks, Robin! I feel good about this, since family is more important than running and I want to have a great trip. But I'm still crossing my fingers that it's just a few days! The toe isn't hurting right now, which I got briefly excited about, until I remembered I took an Advil earlier for a headache, lol.

  2. Your socks look comfy if nothing else. Hope the toe heals up for you soon. What a bugger it's being!

  3. A little rest will do you fine. Take care of yourself first and foremost. You'll be ready for your spring races, just maybe not PB-ready.