Sunday, January 19, 2014

Injury Recovery Update

Man, who knew a tiny little toe could cause such ongoing problems!

So I rested for five days (although I did swing around my kettlebells and do some no-impact TRX strength work - gotta get those exercise endorphins somehow). Each day the toe situation felt better and better, so by Friday I was ready to give a short run a try. An easy 6k lunch run felt good. Success!

Chedoke golf course. For some reason the 'closed' sign amuses me. What, no snow golf allowed?

However, on the foot front things were admittedly a little bit twingy and weird feeling. No pain, but a bit off. Since there were no lingering issues Friday afternoon or evening, Saturday morning I joined Sam for an easy 10k. Again, the toe felt fine, but my foot felt funny - kind of stiff and just not quite right. Likely my gait has been messed up for the last few weeks and will need some time to readjust.

Saturday afternoon the injured toe felt stiff, with a touch of tenderness on the ball of the foot, so to be on the safe side I'm taking today and tomorrow off (although I will do some strength training), then (hopefully) will be able to resume full on run training on Tuesday. But I'll be taking it day by day. The most important thing right now is to get it fully healed up so I can have a great family vacation and then run some quality marathon training miles! And tackle some serious hill training - running up the Valley Inn Road hill with Sam showed me that I am seriously out of hill running shape.

I hope I can run seriously again soon because it turns out that if you keep eating like you are running 50k+ a week when you only run 16k, you don't feel so great and your pants get weirdly tight. Damn chocolate.

As an aside, to a Daily Mile friend who seems to have vanished from the web: Anna G, if you are out there, we miss you and hope you are OK. Please feel free to get in touch!

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  1. Hopefully the toe is all better soon. Great idea for the shout out for Anna G. I've been thinking of her a lot and hope she's ok.