Monday, January 27, 2014

Mississauga Marathon training: Week 1

I'm a week late starting my 'official' marathon training plan, thanks to that whole bruised toe deal. Fortunately the overall mileage was still supposed to be relatively low, so after a bit of rewriting, I jumped right into what is technically week 2 of my plan, with the intent of revisiting how I was feeling each day and being fully prepared to bail out and go back to resting if necessary.

Monday: The toe felt good, so I headed to an evening TRX class. Unfortunately class was really heavy on chest work, and I have a bad shoulder that objects to too much pushing. So that was a bit of a bummer when I had to modify a lot of the exercises, but I still got in a great core workout. And my arms were still a bit trembly 45 minutes after class.

Two innocent little straps that can be SO PAINFUL.

Tuesday: Easy 8k at lunch to test out the toe. I am so sick of thinking about my toes. I will be very happy to go back to being blissfully ignorant of their status. And just to make things extra special, I appear to be losing a nail on my NON INJURED foot. What? I guess it just wanted to join the party.

The weather featured Polar Vortex 2.0, so I got to further confirm my co-workers assessment of me as 'completely insane' as I wore All The Things to face the -25 windchill.

It really wasn't that bad. Although my phone did die after I took the pictures because iPhones don't like polar vortexes.

The toe did not object at all, so it was a successful run.  Bit of aching in the joint later in the day, but I think that might have been phantom pain, since it came and went and didn't show up again during the long walk to the parking lot after work.

Wednesday: Time for hills! 2x repeats on the 'easy' hill, 3x repeats on the steeper, harder hill, then I realized I was a km short and did a final repeat on the 'easy' hill to wrap up. 8k total. Legs were sore after that. Right, hills are hard. I vaguely remember that.

Toe felt a bit ache-y during the afternoon after the run, but it kind of came and went, so I decided to go ahead and run Thursday and reevaluate after that.

Thursday: FINALLY managed to give Patty the half of her Christmas present that got lost in the mail. Only over a month late. Stupid post office. It's a cute little kettlebell necklace because she's the one who turned me onto kettlebells.

Not the best photo, but you get the idea.

We ran 9k at dark o'clock in the polar vortex - by the end, the sun was starting to come up. The sun is coming back!!! YAY!! Layered up so the cold wasn't really a factor. Run was a bit of a slog due to some fresh snow and my legs being tired, but no toe or foot issues. I wanted to take a picture of my awesome frost covered hair at the end, but my stupid phone died from the cold again. Can someone knit it a little sweater or something?

When I entered my run into my Running Ahead log, I noticed this on my race countdowns. Eep.

Did a kettlebell/TRX workout in the evening. Due to the tired legs and my bad shoulder still complaining a bit, I kept it simple. Squats, KB swings, deadlifts, etc.

Friday: REST. Foot and toe felt 100%.

Saturday: Snow. Wind. Ugh. Met up with Patty to run on our usually reliably clear route, but it was a snow covered slog. My calves were killing me within 10 minutes. Turned back to the cars after 3k so I could put my Yaktrax on. They did make things much better. Left Patty around 9.5k because she was doing a shorter distance and I knew if I went back to the cars with her I would call it a day and not get the planned 20. Headed onto Northshore Blvd because I figured it'd be relatively sheltered from the wind, plus good training for Around the Bay. Why do I always forget about the two smaller hills that are in between the golf course hill and the Lasalle Park Hill? Unfun.

Run in the slushy street with the scary skidding drivers, or on the snow covered sidewalks? Both choices kind of sucked. The pictures really don't capture the terribleness of the conditions.

I did successfully finish the 20k, with no twinges or anything from my toe. So yay! But pretty much everything else about that run sucked.

This is one thing that absolutely does not suck. Oh My God. I cleaned out every package they had at the local MEC last week to stock up.

Sunday: Right from the start of this run, my legs were so dead. But I knew a run would help them feel better so I headed out for an easy, very slow 7k. Sure enough, by the end my legs felt better. Recovery run win!

My phone didn't die after taking this picture! Yay! Running at sunrise is just the best.
I decided not to run the Robbie Burns 8k this year, mostly because registration time came up just as I'd spent $$$ on Chilly/ATB/Mississauga. Since I knew a few people running the race I decided to take my cowbell and my camera down to the 5k mark to cheer and try my hand at a bit of race photography. I definitely have a new respect for race photographers; it's challenging focusing on runners! Although the pros would have the right lenses, which I most definitely did not.

It was fun being a spectator, especially seeing those three guys up there battling for the lead. Although I have to say, the runners did not look like they were having a good time. No wonder everyone thinks we are crazy, running looks seriously painful when you watch a race!

Summary for the week: 5 runs, for 52.5 km, and two TRX workouts. Solid week, and a great start.

I feel comfortable saying my toe has now healed, since I successfully ran every scheduled run this week and I'm pain free. I'll be posting weekly updates to document how training for my first marathon goes.


  1. Loved the recap and the pictures. Mississauga Marathon is a beast, but with all the GU Yeti blood in you and the hills at your footsteps, I bet you're going to crush it. Patience, grasshopper. ;-)

  2. Great recap! Can't wait to see the rest of the training and I'm sure I'll be doing some of these runs with you as well! Glad the toe is better and thanks for being the photog yesterday!

  3. You had a great week of training. Glad the toes are starting to co-operate!!

  4. Glad that the toe is feeling 100%! Now send some of those healed up vibes my way. ;) Great week, girlie!