Monday, June 27, 2016

Muskoka 70.3 specialization plan: week 6

Two weeks until race day! Time to start the taper!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 1700m swim; TR Sierra (65 minutes threshold/VO2max intervals)
Wednesday: 8k run; 2000m swim
Thursday: 1000m swim; TR Echo +2 (1:30 tempo/sweetspot) + 5.5k brick run
Friday: Easy 20k ride to check bike set up
Saturday: Welland sprint triathlon (750m + 20k + 5k)
Sunday: Welland long course triathlon (2000m + 56k + 15k)

'workout' is transitions from the races this weekend

This will be a short and sweet update because the good stuff will be in the race report on the not one, but TWO triathlons I did over the weekend. Spoiler: I'm thrilled with how both races went and feeling pretty confident about Muskoka in two weeks!

(also, there may be a lot of discussion about the various places one should store ice during a hot triathlon run. Cups of ice are my new favourite running accessory)

So Tuesday Trainerroad kicked my butt with the usual set of ridiculous intervals. Wednesday a decent run and a solid swim.

Random forest on my Wednesday run.
Thursday I went to the pool more to support and provide a little advice to a friend who has decided to jump into this crazy triathlon thing (YAY!!) so didn't swim long or hard at all. Paying it forward is what triathletes do.

Short and sweet ride in the country to check the bike setup
Thursday night's workout was fairly tough, but felt good. And then an easy ride on Friday to check I'd put my new tires on my bike properly and that I hadn't messed up my gear indexing mucking around with it during Thursday night's ride. Everything was smooth sailing for the races on Sunday. Stay tuned for what is likely to be a really, really long race report with about a hundred pictures in it.

This week's plan:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: swim; TR Sonora (60 minutes of hell*) + brick run
Wednesday: easy run; maybe OWS, maybe pool
Thursday: TR Boarstone (2 hours aerobic). Swim if I didn't swim Wednesday
Friday: easy holiday bike ride with the girls + brick run
Saturday: long easy ride
Sunday: swim, long run

*same workout as the last two weeks but the rest intervals are only 1 minute. It's for sure a good idea to do the hardest workout in the whole damn plan two days after back to back races, right? Like this can't possibly fail. And how is this a taper, Trainerroad?

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