Monday, April 4, 2016

Around the Bay taper week

Took a pause in the Muskoka training plan this week to prep for an attempt at a PB at Around the Bay. Which meant, taper!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2000m swim, 8k run
Wednesday: 2200m swim
Thursday: 6k run, TR Black (1 hour aerobic)
Friday: rest
Saturday: TR Taku-1 (30 min aeorobic)
Sunday: 30k Around the Bay; TR Recess 40 (40 min recovery)

I kind of felt blah and gross for much of this week. Which isn't entirely unexpected with taper. Or with the amount of food I ate over Easter weekend. Or with all the leftover Easter stuff I was eating (damn coworkers leaving candy in the kitchen). Geeze in retrospect no wonder I wasn't feeling great! I ended up switching my plans around and taking the easier option in a couple of places, since taper is supposed to be about resting and building energy towards the race, not killing yourself doing a workout you don't really feel up to.

Obvious shirt choice is obvious for pre-race intervals. Turns out it was also foreshadowing for this year's ATB shirts.
Overall, though, it went well. The end result was I hit the start line feeling pretty good on Sunday morning. But you'll have to wait for the race report for all the gory details on that!

Ordered something from Amazon for Sam. This is the item and the box they sent it in. WTF??
 Spent entirely too much time agonizing over the weather forecast for the race. There's really no point in even worrying about it until the day before, and yet I still found myself checking multiple times a day (really, what else was I going to do with all the free time I had this week? Clean the house? HAHAHAHAHAHA). In the end it turned out to be a pretty great day for racing, but as the snow was flying on Saturday evening it sure wasn't encouraging!

Not much else to say since I'm saving all the good stuff for the race report. I'm mean like that.

This weeks plan:


It's recovery time after the race, so I'm just going to make this up as I go along. Cannot wait to get into the pool tomorrow, though. My legs are sore and a swim always helps! Although the good news is I'm not nearly as wrecked, physically, as I was after this race last year. I'll be good to restart the training plan next week.

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