Monday, March 7, 2016

Muskoka base build week 10: End of the base phase and the Chilly half

Last week wrapped up the base training portion of this thing. We are think 18 weeks from Muskoka (?? I'm literally looking at a spreadsheet where this is all laid out but I'm still not sure). So it's time to move on to the build plan. A little early to moving into the build in some ways (the plan is 8 weeks build/8 weeks specialization), but this gives me an extra two weeks to play with, which I will likely need after Around the Bay to recover.

It was a great week to reduce the volume, and also have some serious 'fun'.

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 1800m swim; FTP test (first 'fun')
Wednesday: 8k pre-race intervals; TR - Petit (1 hour)
Thursday: rest
Friday: 5k easy run
Saturday: 2000m swim; TR Taku - 1 (30 minutes)
Sunday: Chilly half marathon; TR Recess 40 (40 minute recovery ride)

Considering it was only (heh) a 7 hour week, lots to unpack in there!

I wanted to get my FTP test out of the way before racing on Sunday, because obviously trying to do it after the race would be foolish. Always set yourself up to win, not fail. I was a little bit nervous going in, since my last few attempts at FTP tests have suck-diddly-ucked, but it went AMAZING. I feel really, really strong on the bike right now. And I went from 200W to 216W. BAM.

Pre/post FTP test. You know it's good times when the kids emerge from the computer room all "Um mom are you ok??"

So I was on a pretty good mental high after that. I had a pretty solid set of pre-race intervals on Wednesday (6x400m at slightly faster than race pace), which was satisfying coming off of the FTP test the night before. And big props to the City of Hamilton yet again for clearing the rail trail of snow! Someone send those guys a fruit basket.

A thing of beauty, really.
Then it was pretty much just rest up for Sunday's race. A few workouts here and there to avoid feeling sluggish and keep the legs moving.

I'll do a full race report on the Chilly tonight or tomorrow, but it went amazingly well. A new PB! I have a lot to say about that but it'll wait for that post.

It's always a good morning when I get to replace an old PB medal with a new one. Hope I'll be swapping out that ATB medal in a few weeks!
After the Chilly I did a first for me, which was to actually do the recovery ride Zindine is always recommending. It didn't feel great at the start, but it did really, really help my legs feel better by the end. It was super light and easy, so a bit boring, but I'll definitely be doing that again.

You know it's an easy ride when you spend half of it updating apps on your phone and playing Frozen Free Fall II.
So now what? Base build week 1! I have a bit of DOMS today, but nothing too bad. However, in deference to the fact I did just set a new half marathon PB, I'm not going to be diving into the tough stuff right off the bat. This week will involve a lot of playing it by ear.

Monday: rest like a boss
Tuesday: swim; TR (1 hour - aerobic or tempo depending on how I feel)
Wednesday: easy run
Thursday: swim; TR (Cumberland - 75 minutes. Will drop the workout intensity if needed)
Friday: easy run. TR Petit (1 hour)
Saturday: TR Appalachian (3.5 hours OMG WHAT??) + brick run lulz. Swim if I haven't keeled over onto my face.
Sunday: long run with the tri club; swim.

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  1. Like a boss. HAHA. I think you've earned it. Another great week! Try not to die on Saturday, we like you.