Monday, February 1, 2016

Muskoka 70.3 base build week 5

Rolling right along here. This was a really good week.

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 1900m swim; TR Haku (1 hour)
Wednesday: 11k run with 8k at 5:09/km
Thursday: 1900m swim; TR Phoenix (1:30)
Friday: EZ 8k run; TR Tray Mountain (1:30)
Saturday: TR Big Mountain (3 hours lulz hahahahahaha), 7.7k brick run
Sunday: 25k run; 2100m swim

Hellz yeah.

Inching up on being able to get in 2000m on those morning swims - I have to be out of the water by 6:15 to get home so my husband can leave for work (the cat is not considered a responsible adult to leave in charge of the kids, dang it). So I have a hard stop on those workouts. It's a nice little challenge/goal to aim for.

The trainer stuff was a little bonkers this week, what with that whole 'let's spend 3 hours at an aerobic/endurance effort'. To be honest the first hour was the worst, just because I was trying not to think about how much time was left. Once the first hour was done it was easier to conceive of actually finishing the whole thing. Which I did! And then I ran afterwards, because why the hell not! My legs haven't objected that strongly to a brick run in a while. Like a baby deer trying to figure out how to walk again. But after the first km, the run felt surprisingly good.

3 hours on the trainer? This. Just, yeah. This.

I was a little concerned about how the long run would feel on Sunday after the bike shenanigans Thurs/Fri/Sat, but it went really fantastically well. The weather was cooperative (no wind!), and I paced it well - I did 9k by myself that I kept slow and easy (and stopped to take pictures), then joined my club and picked up the pace a bit with Danielle and two of the Nancys (if your name is Nancy, you should really join the club - we have a few of you already!). Doing the last part of the run with company really helped the km just fly by, and we finished the run really strong. Good stuff to be able to do that on tired legs!

Really, though, as slightly nutty as this training plan is, it does seem to be working. I'm not tired (hungry enough to eat a whole grocery store, yes. But the legs are feeling good). I think things are going to be a whole lot of fun on the bike when I get out on the roads this spring. Which based on the current weather, should be, oh, next week or so. I kind of don't even want to talk about the weather because it's been way too nice and by saying anything we'll probably be doomed to spending the next 4 weeks in frozen hell. So forget I said anything.

Random photos I took this week:

Swan at Burlington Bay on Friday

I was trying to get a shot of the hockey players on the ice at Cootes Paradise but you can't see them. And now with the warm temps they've warned everyone off the ice so I probably won't see them for a while.

Best sunrise pic I got on Sunday morning. I have an uncanny ability to choose the day with cloud cover for long runs around sunrise. Follow my brother's instagram account if you want your Toronto sunrise fix!

Lift bridge lighthouse

Burlington in the early morning

The lift bridge.

So what's the plan for this week? It's complicated by the kids having a PD day on Friday. But, the bike hours drop back down to a totally rational 5 hours (although the training stress score isn't all that much lower, so....the bike is going to hurt). So it'll be nice to free up a little extra weekend time, which I will almost certainly use to do laundry, because the laundry never, ever ends.

The current plan!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: swim. TR (60 minutes)
Wednesday: interval run
Thursday: swim, ez run at lunch, TR (90 minutes)
Friday: TR (90 minutes)
Saturday: 28k run; swim
Sunday: TR (90 minutes) + brick run

Pretty much just shifting the Friday easy run to lunch at Thursday to make the PD day thing easier (and more fun for the kids). On we go!


  1. Well done on the crazy week! The chamois cream made me laugh. :-)