Monday, August 24, 2015

Barrelman: The countdown is on!

Back when I signed up for Barrelman, I had a few other events coming up and it seemed very far away. It was easy to just focus on the next race and ignore the lurking September gorilla.

Now all the events are done and it's only 4 weeks away. Oh boy. Nothing else between me and the race, other than my tri club training camp day where we will swim/bike on the actual course. Where did all the time go?

The time was put to good use, anyway. Wonder if I'll beat that 288k week this week or next...
I'm feeling good about it. Last week I took Mon/Tues/Wed easy to allow for recovery from Goderich, then went back to regularly scheduled training. Everything is feeling great! In particular I did a really solid 60k ride followed by a 12k run on Saturday that was a big confidence builder.

Scheduling out the next two weeks

Now I'm planning out the next two weeks, as they are my last chance to get in some big numbers before taper. My nutrition on the bike is getting dialed in, I have a new pair of running shoes to break in before race day, I'm feeling confident in my swimming. It's all coming together nicely. Here's hoping the next two weeks goes well!

Some random pictures because I don't have much else to say:

Gotta love a solid trainer ride

Swimmer in Gulliver's Lake


Hydration is serious business

Sweet race shirt

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