Thursday, October 9, 2014

Race report: Run for the Toad 2014

I knew after running the relay last year that I wanted to do this race again, but do the 25k because 12.5k just wasn't enough. As soon as I knew that at least one or two other people were willing to join me, I signed up.

Race day I met up with Sam, Kim, and Toad n00b Nicole, who we'd roped into this thing while she was all "Woo! Trails!" after Sulphur Springs, and Nicole drove us to the conservation area in her kick-ass pickup truck.

It was freaking COLD when we got there. Like somehow the temperature had dropped what felt like 5 degrees from when I left the house, and I was really regretting I didn't bring arm warmers. After picking up our kits we huddled in the truck to stay warm.

Opening ceremonies
Soon enough it was time to drag ourselves outside and get ready for the start. After pretty much having a heart attack every time they set off the canon (really, an honest to god canon to start the kid's race and the 50k race), it was our turn to line up and get this thing started.

Pre race with the girls

Start line
There were hills, lots of laughs, a desperate search for a bathroom (you'd think I'd have learned my lesson on THAT after the MEC race. Not so much), pretty scenery, Kim suffering her way through with a nasty cold like a total trooper, Nicole stripping in front of a race photographer, candy at aid stations, and the discovery that a drink of Coke at 18k or so is the GREATEST THING EVER. They need to serve that shit late in marathons, let me tell you.

View: acceptable.

Sam and Nicole taking off down the hill (OK I told them to for the photo op. Clearly we were taking this race very very seriously).

This was the first time up the scary hill. Feeling pretty damn good about things, obviously.

Jazz hands!

What the hell am I laughing at?

Shit, we have to do another loop?
Nicole was thrilled about the second trip up Skeleton Hill.

The 25k went great for me. We walked when we felt like it, ran when we felt like it, and I loved every minute. And the last 5k didn't suck nearly as much as the last 5k at Sulphur Springs, probably because a) we walked more and b) I wasn't 3 weeks out from a marathon.

Post race after we found our warm clothes
After the race, we got our medals (cute!) and our lunches (amazing). A catered (and delicious) full meal, not that half a stale bagel and a banana crap.

Lunch was freakin' delicious.

Cute! Now, could someone PLEASE tell me where the name of this race comes from???
I highly, highly recommend the Toad. The trails are pretty easy, the organization is top notch, and it's just really really fun. Definitely a must do at least once race if you live around these parts. Someday I'd like to race it, but for this year, it was just what I needed after Oakville. A few hours of easy running in the woods with no pressure and lots of laughs.

Next up is squeezing in as much cycling as I can before winter, buying a bike trainer, and oh right, my last race of the year, Road 2 Hope. I still have no idea what I'm going to do there. I'm leaning towards going for the PB, but I might change my mind. For now, though, it's time to enjoy the fall.


  1. I would consider it if it wasn't $100.

  2. PB, PB! We'll work that hill to get you there!!!!

  3. Congrats on a great time out there on the trails. Such a relaxed atmosphere always helps to have so much fun. Love the recap and the pics.