Friday, September 19, 2014

Oakville half marathon: Pre race

Well, here we are. Kinda dropped off the blogging train last week because I am so bored of myself, plus it's all over on the Daily Mile account anyway. Did some running, did some biking, etc, etc. Even managed to get to a TRX class for the first time in like 6 months and got reminded that I have this thing called a 'core' and I should probably work it more. Ow.

#selfie from some run I did recently. I think. It's all kind of a blur now.
The training is done. A few easy runs this week and now I'm just resting up for the big day on Sunday. It's probably telling that the highlight of the last two weeks was a 60k bike ride where I climbed the escarpment 3 times - can you sense my lack of enthusiasm for running right now? I just want to get through this race and then spend October squeezing out every last ride on my bike possible before things get all cold and snowy and non-bike friendly.

Random picture of the lake. Yep, still wet. 
What happens Sunday? Sub 1:50 is the A goal, assuming the tingling in my throat and vague congestion is, as I suspect, allergies and not a Death Cold about to descend on me. But to be honest unlike some previous PB attempts, it just doesn't feel like it really matters all that much. I want the PB, but I've got a lot of other stuff to look forward to if it doesn't happen, like having some fun at the Run for the Toad in a few weeks and (gulp) learning to swim in anticipation of moving into triathlon next year.

I hope to do marginally better than this.
I'll be running this race by feel, mostly, because that seems to work better for me than watching my pace closely. Hopefully I can find someone else during the race running a similar pace and latch onto them, because most of my best races have happened when I've made a pacing friend partway through and we support each other to the finish. I have a motivational play list ready, and so far the weather looks decent. Huh, maybe I'm getting excited about this after all!

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  1. LOL at you being bored with yourself. Hopefully you can settle in tomorrow and find your pace. I totally think you've got your sub 150 in there. Just gotta dig deep. See you tomorrow! !