Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Recovery and Road 2 Hope plans

It's been over a week now since the Scotiabank Half and I'm feeling pretty good. I took a few days off to let the suspected groin strain heal, did some foam rolling and yoga to stretch out (seriously these videos, use them!), and then a few easy runs during the week. My legs were still feeling pretty blah when I joined Patty and Amy for a 13k long run on Saturday, and let's just say I hope we don't get that weather for the Road 2 Hope half this coming Sunday!

That was not my favourite run ever /understatement. I don't think cold, windy, and raining is anyone's idea of a good time, other than maybe the half dozen people we saw running in a pack all wearing tutus. I still have not figured out what was going on there.
Sunday I did an easy 8k and it was the first run since the race where my legs felt back to normal. I also hit a downhill near my house to get some downhill running practice before the Road 2 Hope, since the race has a significant downhill section that should, in theory, let us take a few minutes off that Scotiabank time. And it also let me enjoy some of the fall colour while we still have it, before we get into dreary grey November.

Probably would have been smarter to do the long run this day, when it wasn't pouring rain and windy and horrible.
So the plan for this week is to get in some easy miles (and test out possible race outfits*), with a tiny bit of race pace tempo Wednesday just to remember what that speed feels like. The race plan is again to stick with Patty and abdicate all pace setting responsibility, since I seem to run better when I have no idea what's going on. We're going to attempt to take full advantage of the downhill section, and then I hope my quads have enough life in them after the downhill to get me over the finish line under 1:50 to qualify for corral C at Around the Bay. Amy will be running with us, too, which will be fun, because she's going to get herself a massive new PB. Plus Patty will probably have to repeat everything she says an extra time so we both hear her, which I'm sure will be super fun for her (sorry in advance, Patty!).

Elevation profile for the Road 2 Hope half.
I would have preferred 3 weeks between the two races instead of two, but I'm feeling pretty good and ready to really go for it. If it turns out I just don't have the mojo working or the life in the legs on Sunday, then so be it. I've achieved what I wanted to this fall already, so this is gravy (no one tell Rob Ford there's gravy here).

*damn weather forecast keeps changing. Right now I'm thinking a black and pink combo (sophisticated!), but if the forecast temperature keeps dropping I might have to change my mind. Whatever I end up wearing, you can be assured a skirt will be involved.


  1. I will also be wearing pink, but you knew that already.

  2. Take it easy this week, your legs will remember the speed. Have a great race this weekend. Hopefully you get some nice weather.

  3. HA! Love the elevation profile. Its totally like that. The trick is to just HANG ON and not let the Beach strip get you down. No skirt for me. I'm going back to my normal/ugly race clothes to see if I can finally pull a good race out of my ass.

    1. I'm hoping familiarity will help with the beach strip, since we run down there so often! lol at the clothing change, might as well give it a try.

  4. Ha! I'm wearing black and pink if it's cool. Warm temp outfit is TBD. So. Excited. And frightened.

  5. It's easier when you let someone else take the lead and all you do is run. LOL @ your elevation profile. See you Sunday!