Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall 2013 training week 14: 2 weeks to go

The theme of this week was definitely runger (running induced hunger). Seriously SO HUNGRY. And this is just half marathon training - marathon training this winter will be interesting.

Monday: Tempo run. 10k total with 6k at half marathon pace. Usually I do these Tuesday but wanted to shift things around to accommodate my trail race on Saturday. Paces were good (5:21, 5:23, 5:26. Second set a slight downhill grade: 5:10, 5:17, 5:13), but I'm still not entirely sure a) how I held a 5:11/km pace over 10k at Oakville and b) how I'm going to hold a 5:20/km pace over 21.1. Doubts, I have them. Hoping for lots of race day magic!

Compression socks with dress pants? My coworkers don't even ask anymore.

TRX class in the evening. Tiring. Very tiring.

So, really, the real reason I decided not to take a rest day on Monday was that after Sunday's run I was only 3k shy of setting a new monthly distance record for myself. I couldn't resist moving my runs around so I could break the record. After a sucky August, September turned out to be a very good month! I ran 245.9 km in 24:02:08. That's a lot of running - a whole day of running! Add in that 10k PB and I'm very pleased.
Tuesday: Easy 9k. Supposed to be 10 but stupid construction delayed my getting to Patty's house so we had to cut it short a km. Probably for the best, Patty might have had to carry me that last km, my legs were Done and I was just really not feeling it. 4 days in a row of running + TRX + too early = Tired.

Well at least it wasn't a 4:30 wake up?

Spent some quality time with my foam roller because my hips felt a bit tight, and I'm going to be proactive about dealing with any possible hip issues. I would rather not spend the next two weeks stressing about a sore hip like I did leading up to the Mississauga half.

A visit to the dollar store to stock up on gloves for the winter. Don't mind that piece of paper in behind there...

Wednesday: REST. Sweet sweet rest. Attempted to deal with The Hunger by bringing lots of healthy snacks to work.
Look at all that healthy crap.

Then I went home and ate a bag of chocolate covered almonds. And possibly also some cookies. Let's just move on to Thursday.

Thursday: Easy 10k before work. I'm starting to recognize the 5am regulars on my usual route. Black Sweatsuit Lady, who tends to scare me half to death because I don't always see her until she's RIGHT THERE. Startled Deer Teen Guy who reacts with terror when I say hello. Baseball Hat Won't Make Eye Contact Lady who never responds to my friendly waves.

No Tall Safety Vest Guy, though. I see him a lot, but not today. He's the one who actually says hello when I smile and wave at him.

You don't need to see my 5 am face. But the new shirt (10k PB reward!) is pretty awesome. It says 'rain wind & snow I would go'. And it's purple, so I love it. Note also my super sexy reflective arm band.

Friday: Rest day. Wore my sweet new boots to work; realized an hour in that new boots the day before  a race is a dumb idea. Good thing I keep about 40 pairs of shoes under my desk so I could change before my feet got blisters!

I have, sadly, pretty much given up on high heels. They make my calves hurt too much now, and that just won't do at all. I'll suffer for fashion, but not if it there's a chance it'll hurt my running.

Saturday: Run for the Toad 50k relay (I ran 12.5k). Race report is coming! I totally logged this as an interval workout, what with all the running up hills.

Loved this from the Toad race kit - bag of Epsom salts. That post run hot bath felt amazing.

Sunday: I was not sure about this run, having run a 12.5k trail race the day before. But Patty needed to get in a long run, and this is supposed to be peak week before Scotia, so I sucked it up and did it. 19k and there's no way in hell I would have run it without Patty to drag me along. But I wanted to make sure I got over 60k for the week, and now it's TAPER TIME! YAY!

I had no idea you could surf on lake Ontario! It was actually really nice running next to the lake with the sound of the crashing waves. Very soothing. Less soothing were the mosquitoes that descended every time we stopped to gel.
Weekly stats: 61 km run in 6:09:25. Trail race and my first relay! Managed a TRX class. The food situation was ugly, though. Seriously I ate so much food this week, and not healthy stuff, either. Hopefully with my mileage dropping I can get back to a reasonably healthy diet, as I know I'll run better on race day if I'm properly fueled.

However, Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend. Mmmmmm, gravy. Maybe I'll just get an early start on the carb loading.


  1. Thanks for reminding me that I need to go put on my compression socks before work this morning. Great week (& month!!) Emma! Mmmmm gravy indeed.

  2. Another awesome week. YAY taper! YAY food! I'm also wearing compression socks to work today.