Monday, May 16, 2016

Muskoka 70.3 build week 8 - recovery

Lovely cut back in hours this week to absorb some training stress and gear up for the final 8 week push to Muskoka. eeeeeeeeeeeee how is it only 8 weeks away already?!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 1900m swim; TR Mills (1 hour VO2 max)
Wednesday: EZ 9k run; 2100m swim
Thursday: TR Fang Mountain (1:15 over/unders); 1900m coached swim
Friday: EZ 7k run; TR Dans (30 minutes easy)
Saturday: TR Gibraltar +1 (1:45 tempo) + 14k brick run
Sunday: 2000m swim; 9k road/trail run

Can't complain about any of it, even if I do maintain that Trainerroad has a funny idea of 'recovery'. Although since the plan seems to be working nicely I should stop questioning it, really.

A few thoughts on each sport -

Swim: Coach Lara told me this week I'm starting to look like a real swimmer. Yay! Best compliment ever for an adult onset swimmer to hear! I still kind of have to pinch myself when I see my swim paces - I was not expecting to improve as much as I have over this winter. Consistent pool time and lots of intervals have paid off - although it remains to be seen how any of this translates to open water. Which may be as soon as this week, as it looks like Gullivers is now swimmable. That said, I'm not putting too much pressure on that first open water swim. The water is still going to be cold, I may get panicky again, plus swimming in the wetsuit is different. So that first OWS may be a mess.

Bike: No outside ride this week.

But it was a good Saturday workout to do on the trainer anyway. It's hard to do those tempo rides outside when you don't have a power meter to keep you on track.

The rides were good and it was kind of fun to have some extra free time! Which was mostly used for laundry, because ALWAYS WITH THE LAUNDRY.

My cat isn't this helpful.
Run: Kept things mostly pretty easy. It's nice to feel good running again, since it felt pretty garbage for a while there after ATB.

Plus when you run you can easily stop and take pretty pictures!

Princess Falls

I'm always fascinated by how plants can find a way to grow in the most inhospitable places.

Hey how'd that ice cream sundae get in here? #recoveryweeknutrition

A few km of trail 'running' on Sunday.

Nice to get a little muddy again. And thus begins and ends the entirety of my Sulphur Springs training.
So, time to get back to the hardfun stuff.

Monday: rest
Tuesday: FTP test
Wednesday: run; evening swim (tentatively planning OWS at Gullivers with the club)
Thursday: TR Gibraltar (1:45 tempo); swim
Friday: run; TR Townsend (90 minutes aerobic)
Saturday: long run + swim
Sunday: Brian Smith course pre-ride + brick run if I can manage it

Dropping the Tuesday swim this week to be totally rested for that little FTP test thingy. And I will swap around my days on the weekend to hit up the club ride for the week. I'll probably also ride to the meet up point and back - the club ride will be 80k flat or so, but I can add another 20k there and 20k back (or catch a ride back after I don't feel up to it). But that will make for a bit of a long morning so I'm not sure how it's all going to work out at this stage. At any rate, there will be a long ride of some sort!


  1. This blog was so entertaining! Love the sundae, the cat and the animations to bring your week to life! Sounds like the perfect recovery you needed to leave you fresh for the rest of training.

  2. Wow 8 weeks, time flies doesn't going great!! Love that video of the cat....that's funny. Happy training and see you at Sulphur (perhaps we'll cross paths on the trail).