Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Muskoka 70.3 base build week 2

This week was a bit of a test. I chose the hardest of the base building plans from Trainerroad because I wanted to challenge myself, but also wanted the option to drop down to the medium volume plan if I need to. The bike volume didn't really increase this week, but I was curious how I'd react to that volume when combined with adding in interval work on the run, and doing a fairly lengthy long run.

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 1850m swim; TR Eclipse (90 min)
Wednesday: 5x1000m interval run
Thursday: 1900m swim; TR Galena (90 min)
Friday: Easy 10k run; TR Glassy (80 min)
Saturday: TR Phoenix (90 min) + 8k brick run
Sunday: 1300m swim; 21.5k long run

So far so good! The workouts felt great, and overall physically I finished the week feeling tired but strong. Some little niggles in my legs Sunday night that tell me I need to stop slacking on my foam rolling if I'm going to continue with this sort of volume, but I'm pleased and ready to continue the next week of the plan. The plan has 3 weeks of build followed by a recovery week, so with week 3 upcoming that means peak week. I'll also be increasing my run volume a little before cutting back next week to recover in both sports.

It is so nice to leave for work in the morning and see daylight! When do we get to ride outside again?
Swim volume was a bit down this week, but that's to be expected. Now that we aren't on vacation it's much harder to fit it in - although hey, I'm pretty pleased I'm closing in on being able to get in a full 2000m in the 40-45 minutes I have to swim on Tuesday and Thursday mornings! I'll continue to do what I can there, but I don't want to sacrifice too much weekend quality time with the kids to the Gods of Chlorine. Have to prioritize, and time spent on cycling and running gives a better return on investment right now.

Now that real winter seems to have showed up (damn it), back to my 'outdoor track' for speedwork. It's an 800m loop that is kept snow/ice free and has minimal vehicle traffic. The only drawback is it's not totally flat, which adds a fun extra challenge to interval and tempo work!

My interval run workout was super satisfying. 5x1000m with 400m recoveries. The paces on the 1ks were a bit off what I was doing in the summer, when I was getting under 4:30 on them, but faster than I did them last January. So I'm satisfied with where I'm at there.

Frozen Lower Princess Falls, taken with a zoom lens from the parking lot at work.
For my Friday run I went up the Chedoke radial trail to check out frozen Upper Princess Falls - I noticed from the parking lot that the lower falls was frozen and took a chance on the trail still being clear to run so I could go see the upper falls. Sure enough, the trail was clear and I had a fantastic run! Plus it's all downhill on the way back, which is good fun.

The frozen Upper falls. Almost exactly 5k from my office!
The bike was excellent this week. I got my power and setup straightened out and things now feel 'right'. Having done some of the traditional style base building, it's kind of funny how my perceptions have changed. 90 minutes no longer really feels like a long ride. That's sort of disturbing. Especially knowing that there's some lovely 3 hour style ones coming up very soon. Adding lots of stuff to my Netflix cue to keep me entertained!
Interchangeable trainer selfie style 6A. What the hell is on the floor in the background anyway? Cat toy?

So, good stuff, well done, etc. What's on tap for week 3?

Monday: rest
Tuesday: TR Hunter (2 hours); swim if possible
Wednesday: tempo run
Thursday: swim; TR Cumberland (1:15)
Friday: EZ run; TR Tunnabora (1 hour)
Saturday: 24k long run; swim
Sunday: TR Town Hill (2:45) + brick run

An increase in bike time (although the overall training stress doesn't go up much). Another test to see how I can handle this. I've already missed my usual Tuesday swim this week due to scheduling stuff, which is making me antsy! But I'll either make it up tonight or tomorrow morning if I can. Damn swimming. Anyone want to install an indoor lap pool in my backyard? I'll let you come use it whenever you want!

Goal of the week: don't neglect the foam roller!


  1. Its simply amazing what you fit in during the week when you have kids and all. I'm always impressed when I see how many hours you can put it. Keep at it, I know you'll be awesome in the weeks to come.

  2. Don't know what a lot of that means, but looks like a great training week!!

  3. You sure you aren't training for an Ironman?!