Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fall 2014: Week 9

Hello? This thing on? What am I doing here?

Right, a hard training week. Let's do this.

Monday: Rest. I should either switch my rest day around or start counting on Tuesdays or something when I do actual hard workouts.

Tuesday: Intervals. Since the local high school tracks are torn up or locked or whatever, I'm kind of stuck with 1k repeats on the road. Whatever works. 12k total, 5 repeats with 500m rest in between. 4:52, 4:48, 4:48, 4:57, 4:53. Bit slow, especially that 4th one where I just totally lost focus. But I did run them at 5 am, which I think costs me a few seconds. Or something. They felt hard, but satisfying, and my legs were pleasantly tired the rest of the day.

Wednesday: Easy 8k run in the morning. No evening bike ride because a) pouring rain and b) husband stuck at work. I need a trainer.

No more sunrises for #5amrunclub. SAD NEWS.
Thursday: 12k with 4k/2k at tempo. That 2k should have been 3 but I forgot. I'm too lazy to look up the exact splits but they were good.

Creepy fog
Finally got out on the bike for 38k in the evening. It's not super ideal to do that after a morning tempo, but hey, I take the opportunities as they come up! My legs hated me for the first half and then moved to resigned acceptance for the last half.

Friday: Rest. Legs needed it after Thursday.

Saturday: Duathlon practice. 2k run, 36k ride, 6k run. All set for Guelph Lake next Saturday! My transitions will be slow, but I'm fine with that. I'd rather do them slowly and deliberately for my first time out and not screw it up.

Yeah yeah yeah awesome roads, blah blah blah.
Over on the sidebar over there somewhere, towards the bottom, I've added a list of the local escarpment hill climbs I know about. I'm going to check them off as I try them. I'd like to complete the list before the winter, but we'll see (especially Rattlesnake Point. I may chicken out of trying that one until next year). Saturday's ride included the Snake Road climb, which I really rather enjoyed! Long, but not overly steep. I'd like to go back and tackle it again to improve my Strava ranking. Especially on the segment that includes the 5 minutes I spent standing on a corner eating a granola bar. My ranking on that one is unfairly low!

Sunday: Long run day. 22k. Haven't done one this long solo for a while, but it was nice. Got into a good rhythm and ended up doing it at a pace of 5:45/km, which McMillan has been claim in is a long run pace for me for a while but I've never fully believed it. Today, though, it was totally a comfortable easy feeling pace. Even in the heat and humidity! Is is possible I really am getting faster?
The beach is always such a lovely place to long run.

Weekly totals
Run: 62.5 km
Bike: 74.3 km
Total: 136.8 km in 8 hours, 50 minutes

Great week this week. Ramped up the run milage with no ill effects, and took a bit of a down week on the bike, which is fine. I'd like to think all the hills I've been climbing on the bike will have some sort of positive carry over to my run, but we will have to wait and see what happens at my fall races!

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  1. Great week of training. Have fun at your upcoming event!! You'll do great I'm sure.