Sunday, May 11, 2014

So now what?

So the big one is done (at least until I lose my mind and decide to run an ultra). Marathon. Done. Boom.

Now what do I do, other than annoy people with constant talk of how I ran a marathon? (I RAN A MARATHON! Want to see my medal?)

Short term

Goal 1: Recover. Fully recover. Take it easy until the end of May. Don't go doing anything stupid. Let the body heal up and relax. I did a short easy run this morning - first one since the race - and my quad strain seems to have healed up, but there's something unpleasant going on with my right knee (the one that was nagging me during the marathon). I'll try another easy run on Tuesday, and if it still feels weird I'll make a trip to physio this week to try and get a handle on what's going on there.

Gorgeous morning for a run, even with a wonky knee.
Goal 2: Diet stuff. This is not a food blog and likely never will be, but I do know that I can't eat the same quantities now as I was during peak training weeks. I'm going to keep an eye on my weight for the next little while, not because I care overly much about the specific number, but to make sure I've got my diet in line with my actual current energy needs. Expect a few photos of giant salads on my instagram. Also my husband got me a fancy blender for Mother's Day, so it's smoothie time.

There are a terrifying number of blades in this blender.
Goal 3: Assuming good physical recovery (possibly a major assumption considering how bad my leg felt today!), I'd like to see what sort of 5 and 10k times I might be able to lay down. I've got two races tentatively planned for June, and we'll see what happens:

Moon in June 5k: looking for a new PB at this one. Basically, get as close to 24 as I can. It's a PB friendly course, but it also starts at 9 pm, so it could be great, it could be a total horror show. I did run sub 25 here last year (and finished 3rd for my age group!), so I don't think the 9 pm start will be much of an issue. My husband has been suggesting he pace me, but his PB is 23 flat so I'm worried running with him would lead to my legs blowing up at around km 3.5. We will see.

MEC Burlington race 3 10k: Likely not an ideal course for a PB attempt (hello Northshore hills), but it's only $15 and why not.

I may run the Canada Day 5k again, I haven't decided. If I crap the bed at Moon in June I'll definitely run it, but if I hit a decent time I may not bother with Canada Day. I hate how part of the race is run on sand, and it always seems to be unbearably hot. Despite the fact it's my current 5k PB I can't say I love the race overly much, although I do like the Canada themed medals.

Medium term - the fall

Sub 1:50 half to qualify for an Around the Bay corral. I only have to take 1:19 off my Chilly Half time to hit this, so it feels a little wimpy to make that a main goal. So I guess the secondary goal for this fall is to get as far under 1:50 as I can manage.

The Believe bracelet was for the marathon (and it was helpful, several times during the race when things got tough I touched it to remind myself to believe I could do it). The Achieve bracelet is for my fall races.
The plan to get there involves a lot of hard work through July and August, and then two halfs in the fall. Most likely the Oakville half (where I hope to bag the sub 1:50) and then Road 2 Hope in November (where I will try and take 2-3 minutes off whatever time I get at Oakville). That gives me a nice long stretch in between the two halves so I can recovery properly and race both flat out.

Long term aka so when's the next marathon?

Yeah, so I definitely want to take a run (HA HA HA) at a sub 4 hour marathon. If I can get fast enough at the half distance before my next marathon training cycle, maybe even take aim at 3:50. However, marathon training takes a shitton of time, and I'm not sure when I'll be mentally prepared to tackle that again, or when I'll be comfortable having my family's life revolve around my training again. Maybe next spring, but maybe not. Lots of time to make that decision.

Blog plan

Since I know y'all wait with baited breath for my next 2000+ word post. I'll post race reports for the various things I have going on, and then start doing weekly training updates again at the beginning of July. Or whenever I feel like I have stuff to say (which, let's face it, is likely to be soon. One thing I miss about teaching is the captive audience who had to listen to me Tell Them Things. I do enjoy telling people things).

So, what's on the schedule for everyone else? I could totally be talked into other races for the fall. Like, say, the Run for the Toad, if anyone else wants to do it?

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