Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mississauga Marathon training: Week 3

Late posting because most of last week was spent at Disney World! To say various members of my household were excited about this vacation would be a massive understatement. Five and eight year old girls getting to be flower girls at their aunt's Disney World wedding? Yeah. They talked of nothing else for weeks in advance.

Monday: Worked at home because I had to fit in an emergency dentist appointment (thanks, improperly done root canal! I guess I appreciate that you decided to act up before we left on vacation, and not during?). On the plus side that let me slip out to join Amy for part of her long run. 12k around the neighbourhood, with a lot of downhill runninng to start and a whole lot of gradual uphill to finish. So nice to have the company and catch up with Amy - I would for sure have called it a day after 8k if I'd been alone.

Ugh. Not fun to run on (so we ran on the road).
 Tuesday: Travel day. Lots of walking around airports. Then lots of walking around Hollywood Studios. In the sun. And the heat. And the NO SNOW. YAY!

Stupid bus getting in the way of my sign shot. But check out the lack of snow and the blue sky!

Wednesday: I thought about getting up early and getting in a quick 5k before hitting the theme parks. But I didn't. Magic Kingdom during the morning, then swimming, then Epcot in the evening. So much walking - when I went to bed my legs had that tired long run feeling, even though I didn't run.

I did check out the description of the running trail! While the Epcot resorts have a nice loop around the 'lake', it's only about 1.1 km long, so it got a bit tedious after a few km. You can add on by also running to Hollywood Studios, but that's still only another 2k or so.
 Thursday: Left the kids with one of their uncles and the husband and I did 6k around the resort area, including a quick trip past the not yet open Hollywood Studios. Fun! Followed up by a trip to Legoland with yet more walking.

Kind of weird when it's empty instead of full of people.

Friday: Epcot. Walk walk walk walk walk.

Saturday: long run. Ran 6k with my husband and then another 10 solo. Explored some random side trails that didn't really go anywhere, but managed to get in the full 16k without dying of boredom. Then, you guessed it, more walking because we went to Epcot in the afternoon and Magic Kingdom at night.

Our hotel at the top; Tower of Terror in the background on the bottom. Pleasantly cool and rainy morning, great for a long run. And the rain kept the crowds down a bit at Epcot later in the day.

Sunday: Slept in because Sunday was the day of the Big Wedding. The wedding was pretty damn amazing, and, dare I say it, totally magical.

Oh, you know, just Mickey and Minnie coming to dance with the bride and groom and kids, no big deal.

Weekly summary: 34k run, and a ton of uncounted walking (those theme parks are huge). So while technically it was a cutback week, it wasn't exactly restful! Also sitting in the super uncomfortable plane seats on the way home seems to have aggravated my sciatica a bit.

Back to building mileage in the land of ice and snow. Ugh. Wish I'd been able to pack the sunshine to bring home with me...


  1. Great holiday and lots of running fit in. I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. You did great for being on vacation! Good for you. The trip looks like it was fun and the wedding beautiful. Welcome home....sorry about the weather

  3. What a great vacation! Nice squeezing in some runs too!

  4. Wow! That's the proper way to do a vacation!!