Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spring 2014 plans

I am taking rest and recovery very seriously this week, so not much running going on. I have a recap all ready for the Downsview 5k, but the photographers are taking forever to get the photos up, so here's a post on my 2014 plans. Since so many of the races I wanted to do had early deadlines to get the cheapest price, I'm already registered for my main races through May:

1. Chilly Half Marathon. I have a soft spot for this race because it was my first half marathon. Plus, it's my hometown half, which means I run the course all the time and it makes race day logistics so much easier. I would like to at least match my Road 2 Hope performance on this relatively flat course, and possibly take a run (HA HA) at a sub 1:50 half. My husband will also be running this race as his first ever half, so that'll add some extra excitement. Patty will likely be a pacer, which means I might have to be responsible for my own paces (yikes). Maybe Janice will run it with me; she's making lots of crazy plans.

Pre-Chilly last year with my "little" brother.

2. 30k Around the Bay. A favourite local race that is on my must run list every year. First off, I want redemption from last year, where I lost 5 minutes waiting for a train and missed going under 3 hours by...4:53. AUGH. How much under 3 hours I aim for is up in the air. Most likely I will be doing whatever Patty tells me. Last I heard that was 2:45. Patty's nuts, but in a way that results in me getting massive PBs, so lead on Patty and I will follow. Also it will be Amy's first Around the Bay, so now we won't have to kick her out of Burlington (I wasn't sure you were even allowed to be a runner living in Burlington and never run Around the Bay - gotta get Amy across the finish before the running police find out about this).

This train, man. I am still not over this train.
 3. Mississauga Marathon. My first ever marathon. Eep. And that's all I'm saying about that right now.

4. Sulphur Springs 25k trail run. The Run for the Toad gave me a serious trail running bug, so I'm really looking forward to this. I'll be running it with Sam for fun (unless she decides to abandon me in the woods, what with her being way faster than me! Don't leave me Sam!). It's also completely hilarious that running 25 kilometers is now something that I consider fun.

"Hey, you want to run around in the wood for 3 hours or so? And I mean actual running, not hiking. Running. With hills and everything."
"That sounds super fun! Sign me up!"

So those are the 4 races I've already signed up for.  Lots of training to do this winter, that's for sure.

Also in the plans, maybe:

5. Some sort of 5k. Some sort of 10k. Maybe the Moon in June 5k, just because I enjoyed it last year and placed for my age group for the first time ever. Patty's in my age group now, though. Curses. If Amy shows up too I'm gonna have to bust some kneecaps. Also I'll take a look at the MEC race series because their races are only $15, so I could actually afford a few tries at new 5 and 10k PBs without going broke. I think they had at least one 8k last year and my 8k PB is super out of whack with my actual abilities, so I wouldn't mind tackling that distance, too. The husband is going to want to run some 5 and 10ks, so we'll have to figure out what will work for both of us.

With our age group swag from the Moon in June 2013. Photo swiped from Patty. What, you've never gotten a lawn ornament as a prize before?
 6. Canada Day 5k, maybe. What can I say, I have a red and white outfit all arranged for this race (I may or may not have purchased a white running skirt on sale specifically to wear for Canada Day. I admit nothing). Having an appropriately festive outfit is a good reason to run a race, right?

Lots of big plans! Right now, however, my plans are to curl up on the couch with a book and a mug of tea. This rest and recovery thing is pretty sweet.


  1. I won't leave you! The laughs on this course last year where the main good memories for me. That and all of the HILLS! Hills upon hills upon hills. Oh, I didn't mention those. Haha. Good luck with all of your races!!! Enjoy the couch time.

  2. Yay races. Guess I'm not allowed to do the Moon in June, eh? I like my kneecaps.

    1. Oh, you are on my list too, MacPherson. *evil laugh*

      (but seriously, it was a weirdly slow race last year for our age group - most years my time would have had me 5th or 6th. I fully expect all the 23 minute 5kers will see the results from last year and jump all over that race and I'll wind up, like, 12th or something.)

  3. If you pick a 5k race after Aug 7th, that will be one less person in your AG :) And I'm secretly trying to find a way to run the Chilly. It might be one of those race-day sigh ups though.

  4. Cool plans - love the look of the marathon, we loved Toronto when we vacationed there a couple of years back. Beautiful area!

    Also great your husband might join - my wife has too much arthritis in her joints to ever have been able to run with me ... but we get in plenty of hikes and walking :)