Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall 2013 training week 12: 4 weeks to go

Decision made: Road 2 Hope it is. I like having a backup race in case my A is a total crash and burn, plus Sam offered to drive (SOLD!). I note no one is jumping up and down offering to drive to Scotia, though. Shit.

Monday: 11k tempo run on the rail trail at work. I always think to myself when I start this run that the grade of the rail trail isn't that bad, and I always get to the turn around and it gets a million times easier and I'm all oh yeah, no wonder the first half felt so hard, it's uphill the whole damn way. Did 2 x 2k tempo sections, plus ran the last few k relatively fast to try and get the feeling of speed into my legs before Sunday's 10k. Splits on the tempo sets were 5:13, 5:09 in the first set, then 4:58, 5:05. Going downhill is easier. Imagine that. Most of the other km were in the 5:30/5:40 range, and I pushed myself on tired legs during the last km to and got that one done in 5:13. Good prep for Sunday's 10k race.

Probably not good that the rail trail deer are so unafraid of people! Below, the elevation map of the rail trail. It doesn't look like it's a hill while I'm running on it, but apparently it is. I think that map really exaggerates it, but whatever, it looks cool.

TRX class in the evening. Some really cruel moves with an exercise ball. Ouch. Trainers are so mean.

Tuesday: Rest. Rest is good.

Wednesday: With no LSD this week due to the 10k race Sunday, I wanted to make sure I got in a decent mid distance run. 14k at 4:30 am, yeah. Running is stupid. It was like a skunk convention, I saw three of them and smelled a fourth (adrenaline dump: that moment where you realize, no, that's not a cat, it's a skunk with its tail raised). Good feeling run, overall, and pleasantly cold out. Almost needed gloves!

Pretty new toys

Wednesday evening I played with my new toys, the kettlebells I found for a ridiculously cheap price at Big Lots. The handles could stand to be more rounded, but considering how little I paid for them, I'm not complaining. I used this video, cautiously so as not to injure myself, and spent a fair amount of time checking my form in the mirror. These make a really nice addition to my home gym - with the TRX, kettlebells, pull up bar, and an exercise ball, I should be able to hit all the major muscle groups pretty well for some good strength training. Although probably not using all that equipment at once. One of my plans for the 'off season', once my fall races are done, is to get in 8 weeks or so of some really quality strength work.

Thursday: Easy 8k at lunch to Princess Point and back. It was humid again (GAH), and I had some delayed onset muscle soreness developing in some very interesting places thanks to the kettlebells, but overall a decent feeling run.

So glad it was overcast, it would been really unpleasant in the full sun.

Friday: Rest! Worried a bit about the quantity of DOMS I was having from that kettlebell workout, crossed my fingers it would be gone by Sunday. Looked at weather. Considered race outfits. Debated ordering a fun shirt from Adidas that I don't really need, but am kind of obsessing over. Oh, and went to work and did all that stuff I'm paid to do.

Looks good, other than the wind. There's always something.

Saturday: Rest! It was nice to wake up on a rainy Saturday morning and curl up on the couch in my comfy clothes with a pot of tea and my iPad. People who don't run may be on to something, yo. DOMS was almost gone from the kettlebell workout Wednesday, thank goodness.

Note sweet Around the Bay shirt and lack of ponytail. Living the dream.
Followed the Zoo Run results on twitter to see how my brother would do, which was fun. He didn't quite crack the top 100, finishing 112th. Considering he's been having some injury issues, I think that's pretty damn awesome! Way to go little bro!

Sunday: Race day. Just a little 10k personal best, that's all. Race report is coming!

Weekly summary: 43.3 km run in 4:05:06. TRX workout and a kettlebell workout.

Not long now before the A race! Peak mileage weeks ahead.

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  1. Awesome week and you look great as a regular person! 4 weeks!!!! GAHHH! Just messaged you about Scotia.