Thursday, July 11, 2013

My 5k playlist

I mentioned in my Canada Day race report that I have a 5k playlist, and my friend Marci asked what it was. I don't always run with music (sometimes I listen to podcasts; sometimes the Zombies, Run! app, sometimes nothing). My race pictures generally have headphones in them somewhere; music really helps keep me motivated through the difficult parts of races.

It's surprisingly  hard to give thumbs up while running. 

As I find new particularly motivating songs, I swap them in and out on this playlist. This is what's currently there and why:

1. Missy Elliot: We Run This. I'm a sucker for songs with 'run' in them. This is bouncy and fun and great at the start of the race when it doesn't totally suck yet

2. Can't Hold Us: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The frantic beat on this one gets it a spot on my playlist. You can't listen to that beat without wanting to go faster.

3. I'm Shipping Up to Boston. The Dropkick Murphys. aka "That song from The Departed". It just makes me want to run, although I think its time on the list is running out. I've had it on running playlists for a long time and it is tipping over into annoying. Next new 5k friendly song I find will probably replace this one.

4. Dance: Rye Rye. Another frantic beat.

5. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark: Fall Out Boy. A new addition. Suspect this will get replaced with something else in a few weeks but for right now I'm loving it.

6. 212: Azealia Banks. Parental guidance on this one, kids. Lots of naughty naughty language, but again that driving beat that I really need late in a race to keep my moving.

7. Man Like That: Gin Wigmore. "Girl you better wake up! Girl you better run!". Awesome fast beat and lyrics that let me know I have to wake up, the race is almost over, better get my ass across the finish line.

8. Smooth Criminal: Alien Ant Farm. This is on here just to pad out the time - if I hear more than a few seconds of it, I've missed running under 25 minutes.

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  1. My last song on the playlist (back when I listened to music) was Hell Yeah by Rev Theory.